EVE Online, Offline: A Chat with the Geeks Living Inside an Interstellar Virtual War

By Ezra Morris and Ben Ritter

We'd been hearing about EVE, the massively popular multiplayer online game, for a while now, but still had hardly any idea what the hype was all about. What happens in the EVE universe? And what happens when legions of EVE players get together in real life?

Last year, we rolled out to the EVE Fanfest at the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Reykjavik, Iceland, to see for ourselves. We chatted with a bunch of EVE fanatics, whose insights and profiles offer a unique case study into an equally unique user base. Here are a few of them.

Name: Elisabet Elvar, Iceland
User name: "Crimson Care Bear"
Played since: 2012

I’m an entrepreneur in real life and in EVE those skills translate into the business aspects of the game.


Name: Silja, Iceland
User name: "Talia Onix"
Played since: 2012

I love the sneaky aspect of EVE. If you have a kind name and you don’t get noticed too much then you can just steal things from people and never be noticed. I like that.

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