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      Fashion Bootys

      September 17, 2012

      Everybody knows we are all about the ass here at VICE. So when Fashion Week hit New York, we took it as an opportunity to observe the most stylish bootys attached to the most stylish people. Some were big, some were small, some were wrapped up tight in leather, and others were just hanging out all over the place. Above is a photo collection of the rear ends—chicks and dicks included—that really stuck out over the course of NYFW. And below are a few conversations we had with some particularly bootylicious fashion folk about how they primp and polish that butt. We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. And always remember, it's like the old adage says,"It's not your beauty, it's your booty."

      How would you describe your butt in three words?
      Rachel Moskowitz,
      event planner: In three words? I don’t know... Normal. Perky. Normal.

      That's it?
      I’m 39. It is what it is. I’m not having any surgery so you get what you get.

      So would you say natural?
      Natural, yeah.

      Great. What kind of pants or outfits do you wear to extenuate and highlight your butt region?
      I think it’s more about how you extenuate your whole body. You know what I mean? But if you have a small waist, you should dress for a small waist. If you have long legs—you’re just lucky. I feel like I am lucky. Like, I watch what I eat and all, but I have what I have. So, I work just with it.

      Do you use any kind of oils or lotions on your booty?
      No. No. I’m not high maintenance—I’m low maintenance.

      If your butt had a spirit animal, what would it be?
      You know what, I've never really thought about it. I’m kind of pleasantly surprised that you stopped me because I don’t think about my butt at all. What’s the most natural animal? Something neutral and non-territorial.

      Like an amoeba?
      Yeah. [Laughs] Exactly. I’m very common. I don’t think my butt is abnormal—but thank you for stopping me. You made my day!

      How would you describe your butt in three words?
      Daoyoush Haj-Najafi, freelance writer and editor: My butt?

      Yeah. I'm talking about that ass you got there.
      [Long pause then laughs] Hairy?

      I don’t know how to describe my butt. How about hairy, fit, and a "swimmer’s butt"?

      How would you describe your butt as a kind of car? Is it like a Ford Truck or a Mercedes-Benz?
      Volkswagen Golf GTI.

      ‘Cause it’s just good, masculine, unpretentious, but it’s a bit sporty. It likes to get revved up. [Pause] What the fuck?! You can’t ask me these questions!

      Do you ever use any kind of special lotions or oils for your ass?

      Would you ever?

      Why not?
      Because it’s a bum. It’s supposed to to be used for bum stuff. [laughs]

      If your butt had a spirit animal, what would it be?
      A spirit animal? [Long pause] Fuck. I have no idea. A gorilla?

      Why a gorilla?
      Well, I guess because I was thinking it is like a bear. But I’m not a bear.

      OK, I think I got it.
      It’s hard to ask questions of a gay guy about his butt.

      How would you describe your butt in three words?
      Baiyu, singer: My butt? Tiny, somewhat plump. [Giggles] I guess that’s not one word... And petite.

      I’m assuming you workout. Do you do any special squats or…
      Hardly. My only workout involves lifting a fork.

      Awesome. So do you keep a special diet or…
      No, I pretty much eat anything. But I’ll try to eat untill I’m full and then I cut it out.

      How would you describe your family’s history of butt shape?
      It’s all been really tiny.  I think Asian-Americans have always tended to be a little more petite in the derriere. So we’ve had pretty small butts across the generations.

      Is there a famous Asian butt that you admire?
      I tend not to stare at butts, so I can’t tell you one off the top of my head. But from what I recall, Lucy Liu had a pretty nice one.

      If your butt had a spirit animal, what would it be?
      A spirit animal? My name means “white feather,” so maybe a swan. It’s very graceful.

      How would you describe your butt in three words?
      Kat Jenkins, blogger and financial internet marketer: I guess it’s medium in size, it’s high, and it could be a little bit more firm. But, it’s OK.

      Do you do any special exercises for your butt?
      Well, I workout—but not a lot. I do yoga. And my favorite cardio is the Stairmaster.

      Do you feel the combination of Stairmaster and yoga is great for getting a nice butt?
      I think so. I’ve also done cycling, which is also really good for building lower body strength. And stairs, squats, and lunges really work your butt.

      Do you stick to specific silhouettes or specific cuts to enhance your ass?
      With pants I tend to favor skinny jeans, because I’m not very hippy. Those flatter me the most. I also like smooth, clean lines. Besides that, I think you have to be careful about where the pockets are placed on your pants. Sometimes when the pockets are lower, your butt looks lower.

      If your butt had a spirit animal, what would it be?
      If it had a what?

      A spirit animal.
      A spirit animal? [Pause] A leopard.

      Why a leopard?
      I like them and the way that they walk.

      How do they walk?
      I don’t know. Just the way that they prowl very slowly. It’s kind of like how models walk.

      How would you describe your butt in three words?
      Sha’Teria Thompson, model: Round. Mine. And unique.
      Charlie Sceez, model and stylist: Small. Firm. And mine.

      Do guys compliment you on your butts a lot?
      ST: I think all guys compliment butts. It’s just their nature.

      What’s the best complement you ever got on your butt?
      ST: I don’t recall.
      C: It’s tiny but it’s workable. [Laughs]

      If your butt had a spirit animal, what would it be?
      C: A spirit animal?

      C: I don’t know. I never thought of all that.

      Take a second to think about it.
      ST: A spirit animal?

      ST: Such as?

      A raccoon. A tiger. A mole.
      ST: OK, it’s going to sound really weird, but it would be more of a skunk. Actually no. Better yet, it would be a porcupine because if you don’t mess with it, it won’t mess with you. So leave my butt alone.
      C: A turtle, I guess?

      Why a turtle?
      C: Because turtles are round and firm. They’re hard. And they’re small.

      What kind of stuff do you guys wear to enhance your lower regions of the backside?
      ST: Currently, I’m wearing—we’re wearing a couture designer, and this is made strictly from her. But usually I will wear anything whether it accents my butt or not.

      Are you wearing underwear?
      ST: Yes. I’m wearing underwear.

      What kind of underwear are you wearing?
      ST: I’m wearing a thong currently.

      Like a G-string?
      ST: Yeah, just regular underwear.

      What do you wear to enhance your butt?
      C: It really doesn’t matter. I don’t really care how my butt looks, but I wear a lot of high-waisted jeans and high-waisted shorts.

      Do you guys use any kind of special lotion for your butt?
      C: No, regular lotion.
      ST: Yeah, lotion.
      C: St. Ives.

      Which New York Fashion Week designer do you think makes the best clothes for butts?
      ST: For butts? Honestly, I don’t think that fashion designers really care about butts.

      That's too bad.
       Yeah, it depends on what your butt looks like in order for it to pop in the outfit.

      What are some good Spring/Summer 2013 trends that are going to look good on butts?
      ST: I think overall, the suits—the one-pieces have been in lately. So maybe those will do. But it’s all about fashion and not specifically about butts, I guess.
      C: Those shorts that come up and then have the bottom of your butt cheek hanging out. I don’t know what they’re called but they have them at Urban Outfitters and I’ve been seeing that a lot lately. That’s about it. It’s not really about the butt. It's more about how you wear the outfit. And if your butt shows, then that's just swell.


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