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      Fashion Lips

      September 10, 2013

      New York Fashion Week attracts a well-groomed crowd that takes pride in all their appendages, and it shows. Throughout the week we approached people who had some nice pie holes, had Conor take their portrait for safe record keeping, and asked a few them some questions about their soup coolers.

      Josh, 27, Opening Ceremony Buyer

      VICE: In three words, describe your lips to me.
      Big League Chew

      What if they were a song?
      "Suck My Kiss" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. For the record, I don't like this band. I only like Anthony in Point Break and Flea in Back to the Future.

      Yeah, they should have totally went the acting route. Do your lips remind you of any actors or other celebrities?
      Yeah, they remind me of LL Cool J, because we lick our lips the same way. 

      Colette, 25, Make-up Artist

      How do you keep your lips looking like that?
      Intense moisturization. Constant lip balms and chap-sticks.

      Are they real?
      Yeah, they're all natural. At first when I was younger I didn't really like them, and kids would make fun of them, but I grew into them eventually.

      If they were a car, what would they be?
      A red 1971 Dodge Charger. American muscle.

      CB, 25, HNIC at Carson Clothiers

      In three words, describe your lips.
      CB: Big, masculine, and black. But not like smoker black.

      If your lips could, who would they admire?
      Probably Will Smith. Some girls say he has the perfect lips.

      I can't necessarily disagree. What if they were an animal?
      Probably a polar bear cause they look soft but can fuck you up.

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