FIDLAR’s “Wake Bake Skate” Video Premiere

By VICE Staff

We all have a major music crush on FIDLAR here at VICE, so it’s understandable that we got visible hives when they asked us to premiere their new video for “Wake Bake Skate” off of their DIYDUI EP on White Iris, because that must mean that they heart us back.

There’s a lot going on in the video, but it mostly centers on some soldiers and a grim reaper sandboarding in the desert in a “Charlie don’t sandboard” sort of situation.

This song is really good for listening to when you want to drown out the sounds of your roommate humping her boyfriend to the sound of shitty art student music, which is what I am doing right this very second.

To buy the song (or the whole album) in listen-only form, go here.