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      Meet Gang Gang Dance Meet Gang Gang Dance

      Meet Gang Gang Dance

      January 20, 2011

      Gang Gang Dance is a band with a sound that’s hard to describe. They’ve been labeled “avant-garde,” “experimental,” “innovative,” and everything in between. While those descriptions are all accurate to some degree, we prefer to think of them as an amazing band that continues to grow and surprise us after ten years of playing music together. They’ve carved a distinctive niche for themselves in the New York music scene and acquired a loyal international following as well. Their music relies heavily on both electronic and traditional instruments played in non-traditional way, and their live shows have become particularly infamous. It has led them to play shows with the likes of Sonic Youth, Animal Collective, Spank Rock, and TV on the Radio throughout their career. Though busy recording their new record (their fifth), they agreed to sit down and let us pick their brains about the bands early beginnings, how they like to define their sound, and the future of Gang Gang Dance.


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