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      Go See The Fourth Dimension

      By VICE Staff

      April 22, 2012

      The idea of the fourth dimension is a mindfuck that has stumped some of biggest brains in philosophy and mathematics for centuries. Its arena is a hazy, esoteric one that even the brightest thinkers of our generation are hesitant to throw their hats into. Defining it is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube while blindfolded and whiskey drunk. Also, without hands.

      Always up for a challenge, we have teamed up with Grolsch and three directors in an attempt to wrestle the concept into a feature-length film, called The Fourth Dimension. The directors in question are Harmony Korine, Alexey Fedorchenko, and Jan Kwiecinski. Following a brief designed by Eddy Moretti, our executive director and the project director of the film, each filmmaker has created a 30-minute short exploring the concept of the fourth dimension in whatever way they see fit. Then—and this is where shit gets real meta—the films have been combined into a fourth, feature-length film, which is the most glorious piece of cinema that has been or ever will be. Thanks to Grolsch's interest in quality independent cinema (Grolsch Film Works is an ongoing project dedicated to producing and supporting film and filmmakers), Eddy and the directors were given total creative freedom, which shows in the finished product.

      The film premiered last night at the San Francisco Film Festival, and will be playing at film festivals all over the world throughout the year. You should all go see it and be elevated to a new goddamn plane of existence; but before you do, click over to the new Grolsch Film Works site and read interviews with the directors and other behind-the-scenes-y type stuff that will give you a leg up on all the other jamokes trying to wrap their brains around the film.

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