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      Gossipy PDF of the Arts 'American Intrigue' Provokes and Intrigues

      February 5, 2013

      You may remember Adam Humphreys, the New York-based filmmaker who brought us the films Franz Otto Ultimate High Baller (2010) and Shitty Youth (2012), a film concerning “an impossible shithead who may even be a great artist.” His latest project is a PDF of the arts called American Intrigue #1, which features Eugene Kotlyarenko, Brad Troemel, Tao Lin, Arianna Reines, Marie Calloway, and more.

      American Intrigue #1 is basically a literary journal (or, what I would call a iZine). Humphreys started the project to house an interview he did with Los Angeles freak and filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko. The interview with Kotlyarenko was too long to pitch and too perfectly weird to drop, so Humphreys built a project around it. He added other interactive works such as a correspondence between Lin, Reines, and himself (all bubbled in iPhone messages, Gmail chats, and rants) as well as a collection of photographs from Jonny Black’s Facebook page. He comissioned book reviews from Zachary German and Alec Niedenthal.

      "Brad Troemel is the guy who does thejogging.tumblr.com, which I feel certain will be presented in a major museum before 2020. Eugene Kotlyarenko is the most inspired and outrageous independent filmmaker in America right now, Tao Lin and Ariana Reines are both icons to two different and conflicting literary cultures in New York,” said Humphreys. “People are interested in Marie Calloway.”

      Then, he formatted the whole thing for an iPhone. Because now, we scroll instead of flip. Another issue is already in the works, as well as a forthcoming ebook from Thought Catalog which is going under the tentative title Adam’s Summer Purgatory, 2008 (2013).

      American Intrigue #1 is available for download HERE.


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