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      Hashtag Gum Soles

      December 3, 2012
      From the column 'Kill the Engine'

      Yesterday I totally shredded some ditches with two of my all time favorite dudes, the multigenerational Parsons Crew.

      That's Simon on the left and Mike on the right. Spot checking.

      Mike P. is pretty much a folk hero amongst older Austin skate nerds. Legendary for jumping head first without checking the water in terms of skate safety. Don't think he didn't roll-in seconds after climbing to the top of this spot. Most people would have checked the flat for rocks and sticks. Mike just bomb dropped it and came out unscathed. He looked in my direction for me to follow him up. I just bowed my head in shame and pretended to check my camera for something technically important.

      On to ditch spot number two.

      Tight banks abound. This is what many Austin skateboarders refer to as: Carter's Hood.

      Proof of youth.

      Simon is eight years-old and starting to gain interest in the fine art of the drop-in.

      Unfortunately the fine art of the drop-in has a fairly substantial blood deposit requirement before membership privileges are extended.

      Simon is nothing but a good sport about the fact.


      This particular ditch has a pretty unique double decker feature that I'm sure could be utilized by the youth in a radical way. Maybe ollie out to the upper wall and then do a ledge trick on the lower bank's edge? I don't know, just a suggestion.

      Mike P. was down to give the double drop-in a shot. Eye it up.

      Get ready for it...

      And ride the lightning. This is a make, Kill the Engine doesn't post bail shots.

      Mike did one more crazy thing at this ditch.

      Backside roll in into this big bank. This photo is kinda busted because it makes it look like this is super easy. But if you're ever in Austin give me a call and I'll take you to this spot and I pretty much guarantee you won't try this. Unless you're like… super good. In which case you should probably stop trying to compete with Mike P. and go land a switch hard flip fakie nose grind down a rail before somebody else does it. You head it here first.

      On to Ditch Spot Number three.

      One of my all time favorites.

      So many good walls.

      My buddy Lee Brooks shot a photo of me skating this ditch back in the year 2000 and I consider it to be one of the best skateboard photos ever taken of myself. Mainly because the ollie is one of the only skateboard tricks I ever learned and I consider this to be one of my best ollies that I ever ollied. And also because this photo is almost 13 years old and based on my apparel choices it looks like it could have been shot yesterday. I'm a visionary in terms of brown corduroys and button-up collared shirt stylings. Hashtag gum soles.

      Such a rad ditch though. About one tenth of a second later, a grind was performed.

      And then things started getting weird.

      See you next time.

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