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      Hey CMJ Attendees, Talk to Us About Fashion

      October 22, 2012

      There are a lot of similarities between fashion nerds and music nerds. They both wait in terribly long lines to get what they want—whether it's a new sneaker being dropped or a secret performance by a new "it" band. They both creep all over the internet in search of highly coveted expensive stuff—with fashion geeks it's limited edition clothes from Japan and with music snobs it's limited edition vinyl pressed in Japan. And they both buy into their own elevated sense of superiority based on their "refined taste." So we figured it made perfect sense to send street fashion photographer Verena Stefanie Grotto down to a few CMJ showcases last week in NYC to ask some music dweebs what they thought about clothes and who in their ranks was the worst dressed.

      Chandler Gerard-Reimer, 18, NYU Student

      VICE: What is the least fashionable music subculture?
      Reggae kids.

      What’s been your biggest fashion faux pas?
      I used to dress like a tomboy.

      What trend do you pray will never come back?
      Fringe cropped tops.

      What band did you come to see at CMJ?
      The Orwells. I just saw them passing by.

      Katherin Tanuajaya, 25, Nutritionist

      What subculture dresses the worst?
      Punk kids.

      What’s the biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?
      I used to wear really bright colors. Look at me now.

      Yeah, you look great. What’s a trend you never want to see again?
      Leopard leggings. I hope they stay out of style.

      Who is your music fashion icon?
      Alexa Chung.

      That makes sense. What band are you trying to see at CMJ?
      I want to see a little bit of everyone. I’m here with friends.

      Beatrice Weiland, 22, Fashion Designer

      What music subculture dresses the worst?
      Soft rock.

      That’s a subculture? OK. What’s your guilty pleasure band?

      Wow. They are awful. What’s a fashion trend you followed back in the day that you are ashamed of now?

      Yeah, those are kind of gross. Who did you come to see at CMJ?
      The Flatbush Zombies.

      Devon Cole, 21, Music Director at Radio Station WMEB.

      In terms of music subcultures, which one dresses the worst?
      I appreciate all subculture and styles to be honest. But if I have to pick one, it would be “fur people,” who wear all fur from head to toe.

      What’s your biggest fashion faux pas?
      I shaved both sides of my head once… It was a really dark period for me. I will never do that again, ever.

      What trend do you hope will never come back in style?
      Bell bottoms.

      Who is your music fashion icon?
      Definitely Jimi Hendrix. He’s one of a kind.

      You should take some style tips from him and lose those horrid shoes.

      Alias Preisler, 28, booking agent.

      What’s the least fashionable music subculture?
      Electro dance music kids are the worst. They wear too many bright colors.

      Maybe you don't wear enough? Tell me, what's your biggest fashion mistake?
      I dressed like a grungy tomboy once.

      Is there a fashion trend you wish will never come back?
      Pants with really high waists.

      Isal Simpson-Kirsch, 21, Fashion Student at Parsons School of Design

      What’s the worst dressed music subculture?
      Dubstep kids.

      What fashion thing did you do back in the day that you would never do now?
      I had a bowl hair cut once.

      Really? That's bad. Who is your fashion music icon?
      Trinidad James.

      What’s your guilty pleasure music?
      Justin Bieber.

      Yeah, you should definitely keep that one to yourself. Who do you want to see at CMJ?
      The Flatbush Zombies.

      You and everybody else, sister.

      Sophia Lucky, 23, Education Student

      What music subculture has the worst dressed fans?
      Country kids.

      Who is your favorite guilty pleasure musician?
      Drake, I love him.

      What is one fashion fuck up from your past that you really regret today?
      I used to have a really hood style. I would wear Jordans, Iceberg, and hoodies.

      Who do you want to see most at CMJ?
      The Underachievers.

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