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      Hey Ron! - Eli Manning Is a Turd

      By Ron Hemphill

      Your Life Advisor

      September 29, 2011
      From the column 'Hey Ron!'


      I'm a New Yorker, so I love the Jets and I love the Giants—I bleed blue and sometimes green, depending on the weather—but I hate Eli Manning with a passion. I think he's the worst quarterback that ever put on the uniform. And I know you guys are going to bring up that Super Bowl he won, but anybody with at least a five-inch TV screen would notice that almost every game he’s won has been a fluke.

      For me, Eli’s a mediocre quarterback with a great team surrounding him. He had Brandon Jacobs, Plaxico, Bradshaw—he had good players around him. He had Osi Umenyiora on defense. He had a great team. But he's afraid to leave the pocket, he's afraid to throw, and he overthrows a lot of the time. I think that they built the team around Eli and made him a franchise player, even though he is not a franchise player. He's a player who happened to win the Super Bowl based on the biggest luck of the draw I've ever seen. That whole sequence of 39-40 seconds that basically won the Super Bowl, look—he broke a tackle which was almost scary, he threw the ball up for grabs, he hit what's-his-name in the helmet on a fluke, and then he threw a touchdown. What has he done since then? Nada. Not a damn thing.

      I always say this: I will rock my blue-and-white. I even got an Eli Manning Super Bowl jersey because I got caught up in the hype of the moment. But I will never bet on the Giants while Eli is playing. I don't wish him any harm, but I wish that he'd get hurt so we can get another quarterback because I don't care for the way he plays and I think that they can get a second string quarterback that can play just as well or better.

      I don’t want his injury to be anything life-threatening, just enough so that someone else can take over and prove themselves worthy of the Giants. Someone who’s not afraid to throw and run the ball like Michael Vick. Even though Michael Vick got a big concussion, he's not afraid to run or throw the ball. That's the thing about Mark Sanchez on the Jets, too, he's not afraid to throw.

      Eii has some good statistics, but sometimes statistics don't show when a player is running scared—but you can see it in his face. Statistics don't show him trying to run the ball when he shouldn't be trying to run the ball. I don't think he has any heart, and that’s something you need to be a quarterback.

      I think Eli’s a dork. Look at him! If it wasn't for football he'd be single.


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