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      Mixed Meats

      By Ron Hemphill

      Your Life Advisor

      September 1, 2011
      From the column 'Hey Ron!'


      Whenever people ask me what type of meat I like, I always say dark. It’s not that I’m racist, I just like dark meat. It’s juicier and has more flavor. Now, white meat can taste good if it’s blended, but all white meat doesn’t work for me. Plain old white might do it for a lot of other people, but I like my meat blended. In relationships, you’ve got to know what you’re doing. If you’re going to mix your meats, make sure you mix the right ones.

      Also, I like it seasoned, and seasoned well. Can it be done by the Spanish? Yes. Can it be done by West Indians and Jamaicans? Yes. I just haven’t met anyone in the States who can do it well, so I don’t want to get into areas where you do see blended meat.

      I like some chickens that are soaked in alcohol, like beer, and then grilled. Beer can chicken tastes great, but sometimes it's sloppy and smells bad in the morning. Roasted chicken has to be crispy and tight on top and then soft inside. I don't like it when the skin is soggy or too wrinkly. Personally, I’m a leg man. Sometimes they put a breast on your plate, though, and I can live with that.

      Most of the time meat is given to you for free, but that doesn’t necessarily make it good. I’m big on bargains, and I’m even bigger on free stuff, but free doesn’t make it good, or good for you. You can get salmonella from free food, and you can get AIDS from free sex. So free isn’t always the best way to go.


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