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      How I Got Famous on the Internetz How I Got Famous on the Internetz

      How I Got Famous on the Internetz

      February 17, 2011

      For one weekend, the viral internet comes together IRL (in real life). Yup, it’s as bad as it sounds. And by bad, we mean really, really fun. ROFLcon II, the brainchild of some outstanding students from Harvard University led by Tim Hwang, is a magical gathering of the internet’s foremost meme-makers, their hardcore fanboys, and the net anthropologists who delight over them (with a hefty dose of chin-rubbing, no doubt).

      Motherboard was there, as a media sponsor and a fly on the wall, to hear from and speak to some of the world’s biggest web celebs, those fleeting hit powerhouses that keep the internet rolling on the floor laughing. They include David After Dentist, Keyboard Cat, Ben Huh (The Cheezburger Network), Mahir (Ikissyou.org), the Gregory Brothers (“Autotune the News”), Regretsy, and Stuff White People Like. It turns out that beyond luck, a penchant for weirdness, and a computer, there’s no easy formula for getting your 15 MB of fame. And once you’ve got your meme, there’s no telling what the internet, its increasingly powerful culture, and the mainstream media entities eager for a piece of the web pie, will do to it. Then again, it may not matter. On the internet, even failure is worth ROFLing over.

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