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      I'm Here Means a Lot to Me NYC VBS I'm Here Means a Lot to Me NYC VBS

      I'm Here Means a Lot to Me NYC VBS

      October 12, 2010

      We totally swooned over I’m Here, Creator Spike Jonze’s short film about a touching-yet-troubled romance between two robots that we screened at all of our events this summer as we launched The Creators Project with blowout parties around the globe. It made us all nostalgic over our own past loves — the good, and the bad, and the ugly — and we couldn’t help but start reminiscing. Apparently, people all over the world felt the same way.

      In the I’m Here video booth confessional we set up to accompany the film at our event in New York, we asked audience members to share their reactions to the movie — what they thought the film was about, what it reminded them of, and stories of their own past relationships that may have had something in common with the one portrayed by Jonze. Their candid responses, compiled in the video here, range from funny to sad to sardonic, but all are steeped in genuine heartfelt emotion.


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