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      In the Club with Jon Hendren: I Made the Smash Mouth Guy Eat a Shit-Ton of Eggs

      By Jon Hendren

      November 29, 2012

      [Eds. note: This is 100% real. When Jon pitched this story, we kind of just assumed that he was sort of joking, but we've verified it herehere, and here. Not only does this make us feel really out of touch, but it makes Jon our favorite new columnist and levels him up to mage-level trolling, the sort of trolling that transcends the Internetz and becomes pure performance art on the level of Chris Burden or Joan Jonas or something.]

      I'm not bragging. On the contrary, this is a confession. I, along with several thousand Internet people, forced his hand and made the otherwise nice-enough lead singer from Smash Mouth eat eggs until he either cried or was sweating so hard it looked like crying. I'd almost go as far as to call it extreme cyberbullying. Yeah, now that I think about it, I guess we cyberbullied the "All Star" guy.

      It began on a Thursday night, late last year. I know this because I remember getting pretty drunk before realizing it wasn't Friday. Smash Mouth's account had just been verified by Twitter, but they had no real activity and only 200 followers. Naturally, as things go on the Internet, we accosted it with dumb stuff, but the dumbest of all was a challenge I issued to Steve Harwell, the band's lead singer:

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