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      Interpol on 'Interpol' Interpol on 'Interpol'

      Interpol on 'Interpol'

      February 28, 2011

      Ever since Interpol appeared on the scene back in 2002 with their debut album Turn on the Bright Lights they’ve captivated audiences with their dark, haunting, and seductive sound.

      Over the past nine years we’ve seen the band grow and develop the initial aesthetic put forth in that first album, evolving their singular sound by incorporating a constantly changing array of musical influences, yet somehow always managing to still sound like themselves—a true testament to the strength and clarity of their creative vision.

      On their most recent album, Interpol, which came out this past September on Matador Records, the band displays a highly sophisticated, mature sound that shows how much they’ve come into their own over these past few years. It comes across as a definitive work in the band’s career, a fact that’s reflected in their decision to make it self-titled. The band also decided to update their visual aesthetic with a new “ancient aliens” influenced animated logo designed by David Calderley and Interpol front man Paul Banks (featuring a monolithic stone sculpture of the band’s name floating in space), and an occult-inspired, cinematic music video for the single “Lights” directed by Charlie White.

      The band is also teaming up with us and a select group of artists to create a unique, technologically advanced musical experience for their upcoming performance at Coachella. We’ll be releasing more information about this collaboration in the coming weeks.

      In a rare intimate video interview with Interpol members Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler, we discuss the band’s creative process and uncover the distinctive traits that make them such a creative force to be reckoned with.


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