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      Is It OK to Steal from Rich People?

      By Beth Woodbridge

      August 9, 2013
      From the column 'Question of the Day'

      Kim Kardashian is a rich person with lots of stuff. Photo via

      I know, I know—we were all brought up to understand that stealing is wrong. But is stealing really that wrong when the person you're taking stuff from has a tons of stuff left over?

      Like, would Kim Kardashian really notice if one of her lip glosses went missing? Or would Donald Trump notice if a floor of one of his towers were quietly converted into a spa cum private department store? It's a difficult question, and one we're still unsure of how to answer. This guy thinks stealing from rich people isn't wrong, but the law still thinks it is. Help us, general public—who is right? Is it OK to steal from rich people?

      Sarah, 28, designer: No, it’s never OK to steal from anyone, not even a dog.

      What if the dog didn’t notice?
      You just don’t steal from another… stealing is wrong. You make efforts to make the ridiculously rich less rich, but that’s a different thing. You don’t steal.

      OK, OK.

      Emma, graphic designer, 25: Urm, no.

      Why not?
      I would just never steal from anyone, I don’t think.

      Not even a grain of rice?
      I think no matter how big or small, if you steal something it will come back around. Like karma.

      Kieran, 34: Well, I’m very rich, so if you stole from me—no.

      Would you steal from someone richer than you?

      Because you don’t need to?


      Mehmet, 25, barber: I don’t think so. It’s not a good thing to take from someone rich, you know.

      So you think it's wrong?
      Yeah, I think it’s wrong. You know that it’s not yours, you’re going to lose sleep. Your heart won’t be clean.

      How sweet. What if you're not such a romantic?
      Yeah, if you’re a bad person maybe it's worth doing.

      Nathan, 24, traveler: I guess it’s still a crime regardless of who you steal from.

      What if you could get away with it?
      I mean, if it were me, yeah, I’d probably do it. If no one was going to catch me.

      So it’s just about getting caught, not morals.
      Yeah, I guess so.

      No wonder you didn't want your face in the photo.

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