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      Jimmy LaSalvia Jimmy LaSalvia

      Jimmy LaSalvia

      September 24, 2010

      GOProud is Jimmy LaSalvia’s answer to the approximately 1.2 million voters who identify as gay and are, in his words, “certainly not liberal.” In this discussion with host Eddy Moretti, LaSalvia recalls his formative political years growing up in a military family at the peak of the Cold War and attending college in South Dakota’s Black Hills. This upbringing instilled him with a lifelong affinity for the “Libertarian mountain man” ideal espoused by Barry Goldwater and Dick Cheney. (The latter’s photo hangs in the GOProud offices in lieu of a religious icon.)

      With opponents and allies across the political spectrum (the organization has a “hate-hate” relationship with traditional Christian conservatives like Tony Perkins and Jerry Falwell, Jr., while fellow conservatives Ann Coulter and Grover Norquist are advocates for the coalition), LaSalvia points to GOProud’s ability to unify those toeing disparate party lines under common causes. Other topics include the distinction between marriage as a religious and as a legal union, and how it can be “tough to get a date as a conservative in gayland.”

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