John Kilar's Photos Will Get You Thrown in Jail

By Elektra Kotsoni

Ever since a friend of mine moved to Los Angeles, I've been begging him to smuggle me over there. It seems like the perfect compromise for a Mediterranean person living in London: The weather is good, the people are like Gary Busey (weird, but in a good way), the sewage system is nasty and—just as a little coup de grace for me—the streets are paved with cute, tiny dogs that need adopting. What else could I possibly want?

Then John Kilar, the guy who took the photos for "Venice Beach Is a Paradise," let me have a look at his portfolio. I'm now seriously considering flying to California and committing some kind of minor crime, just so I can stay there for a couple of years.  

You can see more of John's work here. And if you're up for a chat you can follow him on Twitter, too: @JohnKilar


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