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      Video From Friday's Clashes on the October 6 Bridge in Cairo

      By VICE Staff

      July 5, 2013

      For three hours on Friday night, pro-Morsi demonstrators and anti-government protesters waged a pitched battle on the Oct. 6th Bridge in central Cairo. Both sides threw rocks, shot fireworks, and and hurled Molotov cocktails at each other. The army intervened hours after the fighting began but let chaos reign before moving in. According to the Ministry of Health, 17 people were killed. Scroll down for videos from the mayhem. 

      From VICE's Tim Pool on the ground in Cairo:

      "Moments ago the Tahrir side charged forcing back the Muslim Brotherhood protesters, but after a few minutes it was reversed. The Tahrir side was pushed back over the Oct 6th bridge. It looks like a MASSIVE surge of MB protesters charging over the bridge."

      Update: 4:00 PM EST

      After the army moved in, fighting on the October 6th Bridge stopped. Meanwhile, pro-Morsi demonstrators have assembled en masse across town in Nasr City and at Cairo University.

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