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      At Ease Beyond the Point of Comfort with Coco Young

      April 4, 2013

      Coco Young was Ryan McGinley's "It" model in 2009 and 2010, later becoming the face of Cynthia Rowley and walking the Marc Jacobs fall 2010 runaway. Those are quite the feats for a 20-year-old in New York City. 

      Now, at 24, you could say she's on the road to becoming the "It" photographer, with an intriguing portfolio that I've tried to get bored of but can't. Plus, google her and try not to fall in love with her beautiful face. Totally impossible. And she was kind enough to send us some mostly unreleased photographs to share with you guys.

      Coco Young's photographs employ a particular aesthetic that manages to create a push and pull between intimacy and voyeurism with her subjects—to an almost surreal degree. Sometimes her photos feel way too intimate with a weird-ass sitter presented beyond the point of comfort, and then the next image surprisingly manages to put us at ease with an intricate seminude. You go from seeing a casual portrait of Charlotte Free in a hallway to an Asian man with a Hitler mustache and an awkward bowl cut, to someone climbing up a gravestone as if it were an unholy Kilimanjaro. In a generation filled with daily-life, snapshot photography, Coco Young is doing it better.

      Check out her work and her blog and drool a little bit.

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