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      Lost at Sea with Adam Mignanelli

      By Taji Ameen and Jade Katzenellenbogen

      July 13, 2013
      From the column 'Taji's Mahal'

      Photo of Adam Mignanelli by Jade Katzenellenbogen.

      For this week's Mahal, we met up with top dog designer, Adam Mignanelli. After designing for VICE for many years, Adam has moved on to curating shows and creating epic fine art. Recently, he founded the Ballast Projects, an organization that curates exhibitions of artwork created by young and emerging artists, which has already created shows in both the the small state of Rhode Island and the big city of New York. When Adam’s not championing the works of others, he can be found in his East Village studio, where he’s planning his next show and making art about being lost at sea.  We chilled with Adam and interviewed him about water and making art out of every toxic chemical known to man. 

      Music by Kisses.

      Follow Adam @adamignanelli on Instagram for updates about his upcoming shows.


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