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      Mass Shootings in the United States in 2016 Mass Shootings in the United States in 2016

      Mass Shootings in the United States in 2016

      February 2, 2016

      VICE is tracking mass shootings in America in 2016, and comparing the numbers with their European counterparts. Read our rationale for the project and the metrics we're using here. Europe's mass shooting tracker can be found here.

      United States

      May 22

      Nashville, Tennessee: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 7 PM, a black sedan with custom rims and at least two passengers pulled up alongside a red Nissan Sentra with four passengers. A passenger in the former car took out a rifle and fired about two-dozen shots at the latter car, inflicting driver Dameisha Clark, 20, and front-seat passenger Kayla Blakley, 25, with non-life-threatening injuries, and critically wounding backseat passengers Michael Myers Jr., 25, and Michael Shaw, 32. As of publication, police were trying to locate the black sedan and figure out why the red Nissan was apparently targeted.

      New Orleans, Louisiana: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 9:50 PM, a white car drove up to a crowd outside of the E&C Lounge and a passenger within opened fire, striking three men (one multiple times) and one woman. As of publication, police had not announced any arrests, suspects, or news on the search for the white car or the conditions of the victims in the incident, although investigations remained ongoing.

      May 21

      Griffin, Georgia: 1 dead, 3 injured
      Just before12:30 AM, at least one car drove up to a group of about 200 people, mostly high school aged, who were throwing a graduation party in and around a suburban home. The passenger(s) then opened fire on the group; some in the crowd may have returned fire as well. The shooter(s) hit three men and one woman, all of whom were hospitalized. Cederrius Hastings, 16, died while undergoing treatment. A second victim had been released as of publiction, a third appeared likely to be released soon, and a fourth remained in critical condition. Although they had made no arrests as of publication, police working the ongoing investigation said they were pursuing leads and possible suspects.

      May 18

      Indianapolis, Indiana: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about10:30 PM,police responded to reports of a shooting near a gas station and found a man suffering from a gunshot. They also found two more people shot in the leg on a nearby porch. All three were hospitalized, although as of publication their conditions were unknown. Police later learned that around the time of the shooting, a fourth man checked himself into a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound to his hand; cops appear to be investigating under the assumption that final victim as involved in the same shooting.

      May 17

      Ravenel, South Carolina: 3 dead, 1 injured
      At about 1:30 PM, police responded to reports of a man firing his gun into the air and dragging a woman by her hair into a car at a mobile home park off the highway. The first responding officer found and stopped 23-year-old Kenneth Lamar Ancrum, who was in a car with his girlfriend, 27-year-old Quiwanna Mungin, who had been shot in the leg. Police then entered a nearby mobile home and found two women (the younger reportedly pregnant with twins) and one girl—Mungin's mother, sister, and niece, respectively—shot dead. They also found a four-month-old boy unharmed. Although some details remained unclear and investigation was ongoing as of publication, police charged Ancrum with the murders, as well as attempted murder against Mungin. They suspected the shooting escalated from a domestic incident; Ancrum had been charged with hitting Mungin, who was pregnant at the time, last August, but the charge was dropped after a witness changed her story.

      May 15

      Evansville, Indiana: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Soon after 2:30 AM, an altercation at Mann's Bar & Grill escalated into a shooting, which left four individuals injured—two of whom needed immediate surgery and two of whom received emergency room treatment. Based at least in part on the numerous shells of different calibers found at the site, police suspected multiple culprits may have been involved in the shooting, but had yet, as of publication, to make any arrests or name suspects in the ongoing investigation.

      May 14

      Charleston, West Virginia: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At about 1:45 AM, one or more shooters opened fire upon a group of people attending a crowded party at the Boondocks Bar & Grill. The shooting spilled out into the bar's parking lot until police arrived. The gunfire hit four people, leaving Jamaine Sutton, 32, dead at the scene; the other three victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds (one was hit seven times), but all were expected to survive. Authorities believed the shooting was the result of an earlier dispute at another party, from which Cooper's group (all the victims were together) and another were both ejected. As of publication, the police had not yet made any arrests in the incident, but they had found multiple firearms at the scene, among other evidence, and said they're pursuing a lead.

      May 11

      Chicago, Illinois: 0 dead, 5 injured
      At about 8 PM, at least one shooter walked up to a group of people standing at a bus stop and opened fire before fleeing the scene. The volley hit one 20-year-old man in the back and arm and a second in the chest; a 26-year-old man in the leg; a 27-year-old man in the left thigh; and a 32-year-old woman in the head. All five were hospitalized, and as of publication two were said to be in serious or critical condition.

      Birmingham, Alabama: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At some point in the evening, 36-year-old Sedrick Norris allegedly went to the home of Coral Wilson, 34, in violation of a protection order issued against him after he assaulted her in February—the latest in a string of domestic disturbances. Norris demanded to see their eight children and kicked in the front glass door when Wilson would not let him in; he left before returning two hours later, at about 10:30 PM, with a gun. Norris allegedly shot hit Wilson in the back—she was dead by the time police arrived—and also struck four of their children, before fleeing on foot: a five-year-old boy was shot in the jaw, an 11-year-old boy was shot in the hand and hip, and a 12-year-old girl was shot in the chest. Another girl, aged eight, was grazed by shrapnel to the leg, and four more children, aged eight months, six, nine, and 13, were unharmed, with the latter three running out of the house for help. The four wounded children were hospitalized and were said to be in stable condition (although the gunshot victims' injuries were described as serious). At about 5:15 AM on Thursday, police found Norris sleeping in the front seat of a parked car and arrested him.

      May 8

      Austin, Texas: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At about 2:30 AM, an apparent dispute between two men over who was first in line at a late-night taco truck escalated when one of them pulled a gun and started firing. A man in his 30s was killed, and three women in their 20s were also shot before the assailant fled in a vehicle. The women were all hospitalized, two with non-life-threatening and one with serious-to-critical injuries. Police have yet to announce any arrests in the case, which remains under investigation as of publication.

      May 6

      Montgomery, Alabama: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 9:10 PM, police responded to reports of a shooting on a residential street. They found four people injured, one with serious injuries and three with non-life-threatening wounds, all of whom were hospitalized. As of publication, police had not yet made any arrests, nor released more than basic details as investigations into the circumstances of the shooting were ongoing.

      Detroit, Michigan: 1 dead, 4 injured
      Around 8:15 PM, police responded to reports of a shooting outside of a car wash known to local authorities as a trouble spot. They found one man dead and four injured—one in critical, two in serious, and one in stable condition. All five victims were black men in their 20s and all survivors were hospitalized. As of publication, police believed that a tall, think black man in a dark hoodie with white drawstrings, blue jeans, and wheat-colored Timberland boots walked up to the men and opened fire before fleeing between houses into the surrounding neighborhood.

      May 5

      Shreveport, Louisiana: 2 dead, 6 injured
      At about 1 AM, according to initial police investigations, a group of men playing cards after hours in a tire shop were assaulted by three or four individuals with their faces covered, carrying semi-automatic weapons. The attack claimed the lives of 37-year-olds Leatrick Benjamin and Elton Wayne Madison and left 36-year-old Randy Brown and 44-year-old Henry Sherman in critical condition. Four more men were thought to be less seriously injured, and two others suffered what appeared to be non-shooting injuries.

      Allapatah, Florida: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At about 9 PM, police responded to reports of a shooting at a housing complex. Four men were hospitalized in the wake of the attack—one 19-year-old and three in their 20s. One man was shot in the chest, while the others had been struck in their extremities. One individual died in the hospital, while the conditions of the others (as of publication) remained unknown. Police have not released any information on any arrests, suspects, or motives for the attack.

      May 4

      Minneapolis, Minnesota: 1 dead, 7 injured
      At about 9 PM, dozens of shots were fired near to the city's fourth police precinct. When officials arrived, they found one man dead at the scene and seven more injured; the survivors were hospitalized, with at least two in critical condition—one suffered wounds to the chest and stomach. As of publication, despite a massive search and ongoing investigation over a wide area of town, the authorities, who apparently suspected there could be more wounded, had not announced any arrests.

      April 29

      Oakland, California: 0 dead, 5 injured
      At about 9:15 PM, multiple assailants walked up to a group of people standing on the sidewalk near a liquor store and opened fire. They hit four men, one 24-year-old, two 27-year-olds, and a 30-year-old, as well as a 24-year-old woman. Another 24-year-old woman was driving down the street at the time and a stray bullet shattered one of her windows, sending glass shards into her eyes. All the wounded were hospitalized, and two of the gunshot victims had been released at the time of publication.

      April 27

      Baton Rouge, Louisiana: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At about 10:45 PM, police responded to reports of a shooting at a residential home where they found one individual dead and three others wounded. The injured all required hospitalization and surgery; two of them were in critical condition, but they were all, as of publication, expected to survive. Suspects apparently fled from the scene, some on foot and some in a car.

      April 26

      Forestville, Maryland: 1 dead, 4 injured
      Sometime just before 1:30 AM, a vehicle opened fire on a group of people standing on the street. Police responding to reports of the attack found five individuals suffering from gunshot wounds. Joanne Woods, 49, died at the scene while the other four, all men, were hospitalized. Two have since been released (one of whom was admitted in critical condition), and two remain in treatment, although in stable conditions. Authorities believe this was not a random attack and at the time of publication were currently investigating the circumstances of and searching for any suspects in the incident.

      April 25

      Nashville, Florida: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 3:30 PM, at least one assailant opened fire on a group of people in the crowded Music City Central bus station. Authorities suspect the shooter(s) were targeting someone—likely 17-year-old Javious Chatman, who had just ridden an escalator up to the shooting site and was milling around talking to people by an exit. Chatman was critically shot in the abdomen, and three other teens received minor wounds, suggesting they may have been unintentional victims caught in the crossfire. Police have detained two 17-year-old boys in relation to the crime after a window washer working at a nearby building said he spotted them fleeing the scene and dumping a semi-automatic pistol in some bushes. The police have located the weapon, but have not confirmed that it was the one used in the shooting, nor have they officially arrested either of the two detained youths as of publication, leaving the investigation open.

      Miami, Florida: 0 dead, 5 injured
      At about 6:30 PM, passengers in a four-door Nissan driving through an area of town known to locals for recurrent violence carried out a drive-by shooting. They shot and injured four women and one man, all of whom have been hospitalized. As of publication, the conditions of the wounded were unclear, as were the status of the investigation and details of any suspects.

      April 24

      Chicago, Illinois: 2 dead, 3 injured
      At about 11:10 PM, a group of men were on a residential porch at a party celebrating an individual's release from jail when someone opened fire on them from the street. A bullet struck a 38-year-old man in the head, while another hit a 26-year-old man in the chest; both were pronounced dead soon after they were hospitalized. The volley also struck a 27-year-old man in the back and another 27-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, each in the leg leg; these latter three victims were all hospitalized and stabilized. There had not, as of publication, been any arrests in this incident, although the investigation was ongoing.

      Denver, Colorado: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about1:45 AM local time, police responding to a shooting downtown found four people injured. All were hospitalized, with two in critical condition—one was later stabilized while the other, as of publication, remained critical. Authorities announced later in the morning that they had arrested a possible suspect and, while still investigating, were not seeking more suspects at the moment.

      Halifax, Virginia: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Around 2:00 AM, an officer responding to a parking complaint arrived at the scene only to witness a man firing into a crowd. The officer confronted the suspect and shot him after he allegedly refused to drop his weapon, causing non-life-threatening injuries. But by that time, the man had already shot five individuals, police said, all of whom were hospitalized. As of publication, one was in critical condition, one in serious condition, and three had been treated and released already.

      April 23

      Flint, Michigan: 0 dead, 5 injured
      At about 9:30 PM, police responding to a shooting near a local park found five people suffering from gunshot wounds. All were hospitalized, but only one was said to be in critical condition. As of publication, there had been no arrests and few details were available on the circumstances of the shooting.

      Las Vegas, Nevada: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At about 3:30 AM, police responding to a call found six Hispanic males in a truck—four of them, aged approximately 16 to 19, suffering from gunshot wounds. One died at the scene, while the other three were hospitalized, one in critical condition and two with non-life-threatening wounds to their hand and ankle, respectively. Police believe the young men were injured in a confrontation between two groups earlier that morning at the Hollywood Recreation Center. Another call around the same time, which led police to a man injured with stab wounds to the neck in a nearby residence, has been tied to the same incident—and one of the two unharmed men found in the same house has been arrested for the murder of the deceased gunshot victim. It's unclear if this individual was the only shooter or if more injuries from the event will surface.

      Seattle, Washington: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Just after 2:00 AM, an argument that apparently began in an IHOP escalated into gunfire in a parking lot, which wound up injuring four individuals, with one in critical condition. As of publication, there did not appear to have been any arrests and the investigation was ongoing.

      Auburn, Alabama: 3 dead, 1 injured
      At about 2:00 AM, police responding to reports of a shooing at Mr. D's Lounge, a local night spot, found two groups of people still engaged in a gunfight that had spilled into the parking lot. When they gained control of the scene, cops found three men, 25-year-old Jadarrion L. Spinks, 32-year-old Roderick L. Nelms, and 43-year-old Recco R. Cobb, dead and an as-of-yet unnamed 23-year-old man wounded; the latter was hospitalized but appeared, as of publication, to be stable. Later in the day, police arrested 33-year-old Tarabien Latrent Cobb for murder related to the incident in an ongoing investigation being treated as a triple homicide.

      New York, New York: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 1:00 AM, a shooting in Harlem, Manhattan, left two men shot in the leg, another shot in the forearm, and a woman with an unspecified bullet wound as well. All were expected to survive their injuries, although as of publication no arrests had been made and investigations were ongoing.

      April 22

      Piketon, Ohio: 7 dead, 0 injured
      At about 7:50 AM, police received a call reporting two possibly deceased men. Initial investigations revealed six adults and one 16-year-old boy shot dead in the head "execution style," some of them still in bed, across three nearby trailer homes on the same stretch of rural road. The victims seem to be from the same family, the Rhodens. Two infants, days old and four-months old, were found alive on the sites (the latter in bed with one of the female victims), as well as a three-year-old child. The child has been hospitalized, but it is unclear if they were actually wounded. An eighth body, from the same family and killed in a similar fashion, was discovered in the early afternoon at a fourth site about 30 miles away from the others. There are no initial signs of any suicide victims and police suspect the assailant(s) are not among the dead, nor have they made any arrests. This means the shooter(s) are likely at large, although there is no active shooter situation. Police say they will have more details on this ongoing investigation throughout the day.

      April 21

      Baltimore, Maryland: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 9:30 PM, 20-year-old Stephen Carroll allegedly opened fire on a group of people at a cookout, supposedly motivated by a local dispute in which two families kept slashing each other's tires. Cops say he shot a 16-year-old boy and an 18-year-old and 33-year-old man in the extremities and grazed a 12-year-old boy's head; the former three were hospitalized and are in stable condition, while the latter was treated at the scene.

      April 19

      Chicago, Illinois: 1 dead, 3 injured
      About 11:10 PM, a red minivan pulled up near several young men parked in a car, and one or more of the van's passengers opened fire. The volley struck an 18-year-old in the chest, killing him. Shots also hit two more 18-year-olds in the back, as well as a 19-year-old who took shots to his arms and reportedly was also grazed in the head. The injured were hospitalized and stabilized; at the time of publication, there was no word on suspects or arrests.

      Chicago, Illinois: 1 dead, 4 injured
      At about 2:20 AM, witnesses said that a car drove up to a group filming a rap video in Foster Park and at least one of the passengers got out and opened fire on the crowd. A gunshot to the back of the head killed 23-year-old Damond Dawson at the scene. Meanwhile, a 19-year-old woman was struck twice in the groin, an 18-year old man was grazed on his back, a 20-year-old man was hit nine times in the leg and shoulder, and a 26-year-old man was grazed on his leg; all four have been hospitalized and at the time of publication were apparently in stable condition. Although video was rolling at the time of the attack, it did not seem to capture the assailant(s).

      April 18

      Long Beach, California: 1 dead, 3 injured
      Around 8:45 PM, police responded to reports of a shooting on a commercial stretch in the MacArthur Park neighborhood. They found four men shot upon arrival; 19-year-old Delon Jackson died at the scene, but the other three were hospitalized, with two in stable and one in critical condition. Police are culling through local businesses' surveillance footage, but at the time of publication had not released any information on potential suspects nor motives for the attack yet.

      April 17

      Pelzer, South Carolina: 1 dead, 3 injured
      Around 4:00 PM, police responding to reports of a shooting at a house just outside of town found one person dead and three seriously injured. The wounded had been hospitalized, but the suspect(s) remained at large and the investigation ongoing at the time of publication.

      Edinburg, Texas: 1 dead, 6 injured
      At about 4:40 AM, two men who'd just been bounced out of the Jaguars Gold strip club for their involvement in an inter-gang scuffle went to their car, retrieved an unknown firearm, and opened fire into the patrons inside the establishment. The assailants fled in a light-colored sedan before police arrived; officers found seven individuals with gunshot wounds. 29-year-old Jaxmany Jazan Montes died at the scene, while the remainder were hospitalized with what appeared at the time of publication to be non-life-threatening wounds.

      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 3 dead, 1 injured
      Around 4 AM, police responding to multiple reports of gunshots in a residential area found a man with a non-life-threatening bullet wound in his arm on the street and sent him to the hospital. They learned that he'd fled from a house nearby, where a 46-year-old man told officers he'd shot someone but refused to come out; by 4:10 AM the authorities declared a barricade situation. Although the man inside the house reportedly tried to shoot at SWAT members at one point, after a phone call with a police negotiator he called 9-1-1 and, at around 5 AM, announced he was willing to surrender. Officers entered the house and found three people—the man's brother, the brother's girlfriend, and an unrelated man who lived in the house—dead on the floors of three separate rooms, all with gunshot wounds to the head. No one else appears to have been in the home at the time of the shooting. Police have seized a weapon from within the home and arrested the self-professed shooter, but are still investigating the circumstances of and motive for the shooting.

      April 16

      Enterprise, Alabama: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Around 2 AM, police responding to reports of shots fired found four people injured when a fight at a house party apparently escalated. All of the wounded were taken to local hospitals with what were said to be non-life-threatening injuries. At the time of publication, there was no word on any suspects or arrests.

      Orlando, Florida: 1 dead, 5 injured
      At about 9:30 PM, a bout of gunfire opened up from the street onto a group of people outside of an apartment complex. The attack hospitalized six with gunshot wounds, one of whom later died, one of whom suffered life-threatening wounds, and four of whom suffered non-life-threatening injuries to their arms and legs. No police information on suspects is available as of yet.

      Detroit, Michigan: 1 dead, 4 injured
      Around 5:50 PM, an argument on the street between two parties escalated, leading the two men on one side of the dispute to open fire on the other group. Their shots killed a 27-year-old man and injured a 26-year-old, 20-year-old man, and 48-year-old man supposedly involved in the argument, as well as a 16-year-old unrelated to the dispute, who took a bullet while in their home after a stray shot apparently pierced the wall. None of the wounds of the injured appeared at the time of publication to be be life-threatening. Police arrested one of two suspected shooters, a 23-year-old man, but were still searching for the other, who may be using a dark gray GMC Yukon.

      April 14

      Orange, New Jersey: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At9:30 PM, police responding to a shooting on a residential street found four men suffering from gunshot wounds. All were transported to local hospitals, where 17-year-old Davon Jones died at10:10 PM; the other three victims' injuries appeared at the time of reporting to be non-life-threatening.

      April 10

      Los Angeles, California: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Around 9:45 AM, four men approached a group of people setting up a barbecue outside their home and opened fire. Four, all in their 20s, were struck and hospitalized, one in critical and three in stable condition. At the time of publication, the assailants remained at large and police investigations were ongoing.

      Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At about 6:45 PM, a group of teens near an apartment complex came under fire. The gunfire killed one 17-year-old boy at the scene and injured 16-year-old and 17-year-old boys and a 19-year-old man, although their wounds did not appear to be life-threatening at the time of publication.

      April 9

      Anniston, Alabama: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At 9:15 PM, an argument broke out on an intersection between several open, grassy lots during the annual roll call of the Easy Riders Motorcycle Club. At least one individual opened fire as the dispute escalated, hitting four in the large crowd. The authorities have made no arrests, but claim they are as of now searching for unknown suspects.

      Memphis, Tennessee: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At 7:15 PM, police believe a group of individuals had some sort of interaction with an unidentified black man in a black Mustang, who ended up opening fire on them. The volley hit four people, all of whom have been hospitalized, although their wounds were said not to be critical. At the time of publication, the police had made no arrests and were still investigating the incident.

      Albuquerque, New Mexico: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At 2:20 AM, police responded to a gunshot report at a residential house party in a home known for such events. They found one man in the front yard who'd been shot in the neck, and trails of blood leading away; three people from the same house later sought hospitalization. At the time of publication, two of the gunshot victims were said to be in critical condition. 19-year-old resident Triston Whitmire was arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in connection with the shooting.

      April 7

      Chicago, Illinois: 0 dead, 5 injured
      Around 2 AM, an unknown shooter fired about 30 shots at 32 passengers and one driver getting off of a party bus. The attack left four men and one woman injured: a 22-year-old man was shot in the right hand, while another was shot in the leg and chest, a 22-year-old woman was shot in the left foot, a 29-year-old man was hit in the right leg, and a 30-year-old man took a bullet in his right arm. All five were hospitalized, but appear to be stable.

      March 31

      Chicago, Illinois: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Around 4 PM, a drive-by shooter opened fire on a group of men in the West Englewood neighborhood, striking four. Three 30-year-old men were hospitalized in fair condition, two with wounds to their feet and one with injuries to his hand and leg, while a 43-year-old man was hospitalized in serious condition with a gunshot to his abdomen. There was no word from the police as of publication on any potential arrests, suspects, or motives for this attack.

      March 25

      Chicago, Illinois: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Just before 1 PM, four men were shot on a residential street. A 22-year-old suffered a graze wound to the head, a 21-year-old was shot in the leg, while another took bullets to his arm and hand, and a 20-year-old was hit in the torso. All were hospitalized, with two in critical condition; police have released no information on suspects or arrests to date.

      Denver, Colorado: 0 dead, 4 injured
      About 11:30 PM, an argument between a group in the entryway of the Lowry Park Apartments complex escalated into a shooting. Two individuals were hospitalized with non-critical gunshot wounds, while bullets grazed two more. Police have not released details on the suspect(s) or the specifics of the shooting, but as of the latest reporting no arrests had been made.

      March 22

      Selma, California: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Sometime after 8:30 PM, a confrontation between two groups of boys and young men on the street escalated as one side opened fire on the other with at least two weapons. Four individuals between the ages of 16 and 18 were injured, although only three required hospitalization. Witnesses reported seeing a white van leaving the area, but no arrests had been made at the time of publication.

      March 21

      Chicago, Illinois: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 8:50 PM, an unknown individual approached a group of boys on the street and opened fire. Three of the boys, aged 16, 14, and 11, were shot in the stomach, while another, aged 15, was hit in the leg. All are in stable condition after making their way to a nearby police station after the attack, although it remains unclear whether the police have arrested suspects in the shooting.

      March 19

      Wetumpka, Alabama: 2 dead, 2 injured
      A drive-by about 3:30 PM in a residential neighborhood left two dead and two more in critical condition. Police later arrested a man named Marcus Edwards, who is currently in jail without bond, apparently in conjunction with the attack.

      Plantation, Florida: 1 dead, 4 injured
      Just before midnight, gunfire broke out at a house party attended by about 400 people in a residential district. Police arrived on scene to find 28-year-old Serge Pierre Dumas dead inside. Three women and one man were hospitalized soon after, and initial reports indicated that most of the victims were likely between 16 and 21 years old.

      March 15

      Atlanta, Georgia: 0 dead, 5 injured
      Just after midnight, a dispute between two groups of patrons at the Club Crucial strip club moved into the venue's parking lot, where it reportedly evolved into a firefight and spread down a nearby street. The shooters unleashed about 64 shells between them, injuring four men and one woman, all of whom police believe to be innocent bystanders. The wounded all were either hospitalized by first-responders or else brought themselves to seek treatment, and at the time of reporting all five were expected to recover.

      March 13

      Fort Myers, Florida: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 5:30 PM, police received a call from a park where a group of about a dozen men had reportedly attacked another group holding a celebration. Four people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds, although none were believed to be life threatening. As of the latest reporting, police had yet to make any arrests or release further details on possible suspects.

      March 12

      Portland, Oregon: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 10:41 PM, a dispute broke out at a birthday party and soon escalated into a shooting in which at least two dozen bullets were fired. A 15-year-old girl, 17-year-old boy, and two men, aged 19 and 20, were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. All the wounded are expected to survive. No arrests had been made and no details on the suspect released at the time of reporting.

      Oakland, California: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 2:25 AM, a party bus driver notified the police that his vehicle took fire while driving across the Bay Bridge, apparently from two gunmen in a red vehicle. At least four people were wounded—one critically—but details remain sketchy, as the bus's passengers reportedly refused to cooperate with the authorities.

      Wichita Falls, Texas: 1 dead, 3 injured
      Around 2 AM, a shooting broke out both inside and on the perimeter of the local Haystack bar. 48-year-old Douglas Hearne and 28-year-old Stephon Wiley sustained multiple gunshot wounds, while 26-year-old Ashley Constance was shot in the foot and 26-year-old Shance Dutch was hit in the upper left leg. Hearne eventually died of his injuries. Ashlei Couch, an 18-year-old girl, was arrested at the scene, but for issues pertaining to another case, leaving it unclear if she was involved in this shooting directly or if the police are still seeking suspects.

      March 11

      Trenton, New Jersey: 0 dead, 5 injured
      At 2:20 AM a sedan with at least two people inside drove up to a group of people arguing on the street. A male passenger got out of the car and opened fire on the crowd. He grazed a 22-year-old woman and hit a 24-year-old woman in the shoulder, a 31-year-old man in the back, a 44-year-old man in the chest, and a 44-year-old woman in the leg before fleeing; all of the victims were hospitalized. Police had not made any arrests at the time of reporting.

      Detroit, Michigan: 2 dead, 2 injured
      At about 3:40 PM, multiple people opened fire on a porch overlooking a residential street as they drove by. A 65-year-old man died on site and a 43-year-old man died hours later during treatment; two more men of similar ages were also shot, although the extent of their injuries remains unclear. Cops, who pointed out that the incident could have been bloodier—two infants were playing nearby—think the drive-by may be linked to another shooting on the same block a week ago.

      March 9

      Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania: 6 dead, 3 injured
      Just before 11 PM, Allegheny County police suspect two gunmen unleashed about 20 shots, killing five and injuring three more at a house party in this community outside Pittsburgh. Three women and a man were found dead on the porch of the house, and another woman died after being brought to a local hospital. (One of the women who was killed was eight-months pregnant, and the medical examiner has ruled the child's death a homicide.) Two more injured men were thought to be in critical condition, and a fifth woman was said to be stable.

      March 8

      San Antonio, Texas: 2 dead, 3 injured
      Just after midnight, police officers responding to a shooting found a white Ford Taurus crashed into a minivan on the side of the road. All five men inside, 19 to 22, were hit—one died on site, one later died in the hospital, two are still receiving treatment, and only was only grazed. Police say it seems a shooter came out of a nearby drainage ditch on foot and opened fire on the car; the perp has not been identified or apprehended. The cops suspect the crashed car may have been involved in a shootout elsewhere in the city a bit earlier that night, but have not confirmed that connection.

      March 7

      Kansas City, Kansas: 4 dead, 0 injured
      At about 11 PM, police received a call from a man claiming he and others in a residential home had been shot. When they arrived, they found three men dead and one wounded—the homeowner and his friends, all in their 30s; the wounded man later died in the hospital. Police suspect 36-year-old Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino, a five-foot, ten-inch, 175-pound man Latino man who'd lived next door for around a year, may have carried out the shooting with an AK-47—although the circumstances and motives remain murky. Suspicions about Serrano-Vitorino grew, however, when his car turned up the next morning in central Missouri. Five miles away from the car, near the town of New Florence, Missouri, a man believed to be Serrano-Vitorino was observed in the vicinity of another shooting at 7 AM in which 49-year-old Randy J. Nordman was killed. At 12:18 AM on Wednesday, police arrested Serrano-Vitorino, whom they reportedly found in a ditch with a rifle, for the four Kansas City murders after a man he pulled a gun on near New Florence alerted the police.

      Lafayette, Louisiana: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 1:20 PM, multiple individuals inside a Ford F-150 pickup opened fire on a group of people walking down a sidewalk. Four were injured—one refused treatment and the other three, while hospitalized, were not critically injured. It is unclear if the police have arrested anyone.

      March 6

      Chelsea, Massachusetts: 1 dead, 6 injured
      At about 2:30 AM, a shooting broke out at a party in a vacant apartment. First responders found eight people hurt on site, although one of them was not shot but instead sustained injuries jumping out of a window to escape the gunfire. One of those shot, a 19-year-old man, succumbed to his wounds after being hospitalized, but the others are expected to live. As of the latest reporting, local authorities have not arrested anyone or released suspect information for the shooting.

      Roswell, Georgia: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Following a bar fight at the Moon Hookah Lounge, an individual ejected from the nightspot tailed a minivan containing seven people (including several involved in the altercation) about a mile down the road. Shortly after 4 AM, both vehicles pulled over and the shooter fired about 15 bullets toward the minivan, striking four people—none of whom appear to have been mortally wounded. Authorities apprehended a 39-year-old man named Jacob Weaver, who is charged with seven counts of aggravated assault.

      Compton, California: 1 dead, 10 injured
      A shooting, which police are calling gang-related, took place at or near a warehouse party at about 1:40 AM. Eleven people were wounded, one of whom later died during treatment. It's currently unclear if all of the wounded suffered gunshots or if any of them were among the instigators of the attack—police have yet to release information on any arrests made or suspects sought in relation to the shooting.

      March 5

      Wichita, Kansas: 0 dead, 4 injured
      While walking in Old Town at 1:25 AM, officers heard gunfire from the nearby Pandora Night Club's parking lot, where they soon found four people suffering gunshot wounds. Club staff had apparently pushed a fight out of the nightspot (which local authorities call a problem location) 15 minutes beforehand, after which it apparently escalated. The police have not, as of the latest reporting, made any arrests or released any suspect details, although all the victims are expected to live.

      February 28

      Jurupa Valley, California: 1 Dead, 3 injured
      At 2:00 AM police responded to reports of a shooting in a restaurant parking lot, where they found four men suffering from gunshot wounds. All were taken to local hospitals for treatment, where one later died. The shooter remained unidentified and unfound at the time of reporting.

      Detroit, Michigan: 0 dead, 5 injured
      After reportedly inappropriately touching a 37-year-old female dancer at the Penthouse Lounge strip club, a patron got into an altercation with staff, briefly left, then returned with a firearm and started shooting at people in the parking lot at about 11:20 PM. The dancer was grazed, requiring no hospitalization, but a 29-year-old man, a 52-year-old man, and two 37-year-old men were also shot and hospitalized—it's unclear if they were patrons, employees, or random passers-by. The shooter, described as a six-foot-four-inch black man around 260 pounds with an afro, beard, and moustache dressed in all black, fled the scene on foot and remained at large at the time of reporting.

      February 27

      Woodbridge, Virginia: 2 dead, 2 injured
      After a lengthy domestic dispute, 32-year-old Army staff sergeant Ronald Williams Hamilton allegedly shot his 29-year-old wife Crystal Hamilton to death in their home—but not before she called the police at about 5:30 PM. When Prince William County Police arrived at 5:40, Hamilton opened fire on them from his door, hitting three officers before being subdued. 31-year-old officers Jesse Hempen and 33-year-old David McKeown are said to be recovering in an area hospital, but 28-year-old Ashley Guindon, who was sworn into the force a day earlier and out on her first patrol, succumbed during treatment.

      February 26

      Belfair, Washington: 4 dead, 0 injured
      A man called the police at 9:37 AM local time to say he'd shot his wife, two children, and another person, prompting authorities to surround his rural home. After about three hours of negotiation, the shooter, who'd had a handgun to his own head, came out and shot himself dead in front of first responders, allowing a SWAT team to enter his property at around 1 PM. Inside, they found four people shot dead. (The shooting may have occurred the previous night, when neighbors say they heard what they thought was target practice gunfire.) A child was found outside and taken to a hospital for evaluation, but it's unclear if they were shot or directly involved in the incident.

      February 25

      Hesston, Kansas: 3 dead, 12 injured
      A man law enforcement sources are identifying as 38-year-old Cedric Ford allegedly went on a shooting spree at about 4:40 PM local time, opening fire in three places before entering Excel Industries, a lawn mower manufacturer where he worked as a painter. Armed with a handgun and a long rifle believed by witnesses to be an AK-47, Ford opened fire, killing three workers and wounding 12 more before a responding officer shot and killed him between 5:30 and 5:45 PM, according to local police.

      February 23

      Daytona Beach, Florida: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Just after 11:00 PM, police responded to a shooting on a residential street, observing shell casings and bullet holes in cars, but no victims. Bystanders then told police that 25-year-old Ronald Williams (shot through his left leg and right calf) and 18-year-old Jnya Payne (shot in her pelvis, left leg, and twice in her right leg) had taken themselves to the hospital. They also later learned that two shooting victims showed up at a nearby community center minutes later, 18-year-old Mercedes McMillian (shot in both legs) and 14-year-old Ahlonnea Matthews (shot in her upper left arm). None of the victims' injuries were considered life-threatening.

      Phoenix, Arizona: 4 dead, 0 injured
      At 4:45 AM, a woman reported a shooting in her home, and police arrived at the house soon after to find it on fire—and a man firing from a second-floor window at first responders. By 7 AM, after two fires had broken out along with several bouts of shooting, police were indicating that the shooter was down—although it remains unclear if he was shot by police or killed himself. By 7:30, the flames were under control, and police found three people, including the shooter, shot dead inside; the presumed initial caller—a 20-year-old woman who reportedly indicated the shooter was her brother—and an eight-to-12-year-old girl were hospitalized, but succumbed to gunshot wounds.

      February 21

      Houston, Texas: 0 dead, 5 injured
      At around 9 PM a woman reported a drive-by shooting on a residential street. Both she and her three-to-four-month-old had been wounded and were taken to the hospital. Police later found shell casings and three more wounded men at the shooting site. Reports described the at-large shooters as black males who fired in two waves and whom police suspect may have been in a dark SUV and white Ford F-350 pickup that sped away from the scene soon after the shooting.

      Hazelwood, Missouri: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At about 2:00 AM, hospital staff alerted police that they'd just received four gunshot victims: a 37-year-old woman who later died of her wounds, and another woman and two men in their 20s and 30s who have since stabilized. Police believe they were shot while in a moving car on the interstate when another vehicle (believed to be a black Mercedes stolen in nearby Sauget, Illinois) pulled up beside them and opened fire. The car was later found abandoned, and the assailants remain at large.

      February 20

      Oshtemo, Michigan: 4 dead, 1 injured
      Shortly before 10:30 PM, a man fired at a group of people in two cars outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant, killing four women and critically wounding a 14-year-old girl. This shooting was just the one of four in an apparent spree in the greater Kalamazoo area that started at about 6 PM and killed two others (a father and his teenage son) at a car dealership, and wounded a woman in a townhouse complex parking lot. Police arrested 45-year-old Uber driver James Dalton in connection with the seemingly random crimes—which were reportedly executed soon after a fare abandoned and reported the man for reckless and erratic behavior—at around 12:40 AM Sunday.

      Iuka, Mississippi: 1 dead, 3 injured
      Police responding to a domestic incident call at a rural home Friday found themselves in a six-hour standoff with 45-year-old Charles Lee Lambert, who they said holed up in his house with his wife and ten-year old daughter. At 12:30 AM Saturday, a local SWAT team stormed the house, and Lambert opened fire, killing 44-year-old Bureau of Narcotics Agent James Lee Tartt and wounding three other officers before being shot and killed himself. Two of the officers' wounds were not life-threatening and the third was said to be in stable condition.

      Orlando, Florida: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Just before 9 PM, police responded to an apparently robbery-related shooting at the local S&W Food Store where they found four people suffering from gunshot wounds. They later detained a suspect, stopped nearby in an SUV, for questioning.

      Bessemer, Alabama: 1 dead, 3 injured
      An argument between people drinking in a vacant lot escalated when two individuals pulled guns and fired at the others. Police responding at around 5:30 PM found four people hit; a 37-year-old man shot in the head died during treatment, while a 28-year-old, 37-year-old, and 45-year-old man are still recovering. The shooters remain, as of the latest reporting, at large.

      Tampa, Florida: 1 dead, 3 injured
      During a scuffle in a crowd of about 50 people outside a hookah bar at about 4:15 AM, someone retrieved a gun from a car and fired about ten shots. The unidentified shooter hit four people, killing a 29-year-old man and wounding a 20-year-old man, a 22-year-old man, and a 33-year-old woman. The injured are recovering in area hospitals.

      February 19

      Vallejo, California: 1 dead, 3 injured
      At just after 3:50 PM, police responded to reports of a shooting in which a pair of assailants in a maroon sedan drove up to a parked Monte Carlo in a residential neighborhood and opened fire. The shooters hit two adult men, killing one, and also struck an adult woman in the hand and a nine-year-old child in the head; the three survivors are receiving treatment and expected to live.

      February 14

      Houston, Texas: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Around 6:30 AM, a club fight escalated when a man got a gun out of his car and fired at others in the parking lot. He hit three women and one male bouncer, the latter of whom, while taking a shot to the leg, returned fire and hit the assailant. An unknown driver took the initial shooter away before the police arrived, but within the day he turned up at and died in an area hospital.

      Union, Alabama: 0 dead, 5 injured
      Few details have emerged thus far, but a shooting between 1 and 2 AM at a nightspot called Howard's in this small Greene County town reportedly left three women and two men injured. Police have yet to make any arrests or release any information about the shooter(s), and at least two victims remained hospitalized as of Sunday.

      February 13

      Marrero, Louisiana: 0 dead, 4 injured
      At about 11:30 PM, a shooting was reported at a 17-year-old's birthday party. Based on the location of 18 shell casings, police believe several as-yet unidentified assailants pulled up across from the rental hall in a car, stepped into the street, and fired into the building multiple times, striking four of the 25 or so teens in attendance before fleeing. One 15-year-old boy was hit in the back of the neck and another in his lower left leg, while a 16-year-old boy was struck in the right knee and a 16-year-old girl took a bullet to her right cheek. None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

      February 7

      Chicago, Illinois: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Two men in black are said to have walked up to a group of teens sitting on a porch in the Englewood neighborhood at about 5:50 PM local time and opened fire. Before fleeing in a grey GMC Yukon, the shooters struck one 15-year-old boy in the chest and both legs, another 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, both in the left leg, and an 18-year-old man in the right leg.

      Pass Christian, Mississippi: 2 dead, 4 injured
      Shots were reportedly fired on a street corner just after the St. Paul Carnival Association's local Mardi Gras parade. Police have not released any information about the shooter(s) and no arrests have been made, but 29-year-old Carlos Bates and 43-year-old Isaiah Major III were shot dead, while four others were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

      Orlando, Florida: 2 dead, 9 injured
      A shooting broke out in a local nightclub at around 2 AM. There were some 300 people—including three off-duty cops hired as extra security—in the venue at the time, and one person died at the site with another succumbing at the hospital. Nine other people sustained gunshot wounds, one of them critical, while at least one more person was injured trying to escape the club. No details have been released about the shooters, but initial reports suggest that at least three individuals are being sought.

      Rochester, New York: 1 dead, 7 injured
      A roughly 2 AM shooting at a night club left a 29-year-old man dead at the scene and wounded one 16-year-old boy, one 25-year-old woman, and five other men aged 21 to 30. Police have yet to release any of the victims' names or information on the unknown shooter(s).

      February 6

      Los Angeles, California: 1 dead, 3 injured
      County Sheriffs responded to reports of a shooting a bit before 9 PM to find four gunshot victims. One man, described by the cops as a "male Hispanic adult," was dead on site from multiple shots to the torso, while two men and a teenage girl all sustained minor injuries. The police have not yet made arrests or issue information about the possible shooter(s).

      Apopka, Florida: 0 dead, 4 injured
      Although police responding to a roughly 1 AM shooting found no one on site, soon after four people checked themselves into an area hospital with gunshot wounds. The circumstances of the shooting remain unclear, as do the identities of the likely victims.

      Tampa, Florida: 2 dead, 6 injured
      At about 2 AM, a shooting broke out at Club Rayne, a local strip club. The shooter(s) remain unknown, and the local branch of Crime Stoppers has issued a $3,000 reward for information on them. Meanwhile, police confirmed that one unidentified individual was killed on scene, while three women and four men suffered a variety of wound. One man eventually succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital.

      February 3

      Washington, District of Columbia: 0 dead, 4 injured
      After a shooting call came in from Southeast DC shortly before 9 PM, police arrived at 16th and Butler streets to find two men, a boy, and a girl suffering from gunshot wounds, apparently to their extremities. They were all taken to the hospital, and initial reports suggested the injuries were not life-threatening.

      January 30

      Denver, Colorado: 1 dead, 3 injured
      According to witnesses at a Denver, Colorado, motorcycle show, violence broke out after a clash between rival biker gangs the Iron Order and Mongols Motorcycle Club. Two or more people fired guns (no arrests have been made), while others reportedly pulled knives. Forty-six-year-old Victor Mendoza, reportedly a member of the Mongols, died of a shot to the chest, while three other individuals were wounded.

      Glendale, Arizona: 3 dead, 5 injured
      After a neighbor reported hearing gunfire at a party in Glendale, Arizona, police arrived to find 19-year-olds Sean Marquez and Jose Aguirre-Martinez and an unnamed 16-year-old boy dead. They also found four men—a 19-year-old, two 17-year-olds, and a 16-year-old—and one 15-year-old woman wounded. The latest reports suggest that five men at the party got into an altercation and, after being forced to leave in their car, turned around at the end of the block and fired at the house.

      January 27

      Chesapeake, Virginia: 5 dead, 0 injured
      26-year-old Cameron Dooley allegedly shot dead five members of his own family in Chesapeake, Virginia. The victims included Dooley's 17-year-old sister, Brooke; his 22-year-old brother, Landon; his 50-year-old father, Todd; his 54-year-old mother, Lori; and his 74-year-old grandmother, Doris. Police found Cameron in a house where he shot himself after failed negotiations; four of the corpses were found with him.

      January 26

      Seattle, Washington: 2 dead, 3 injured
      During a speech on homelessness by the mayor of Seattle, Washington, a shooting occurred in a local tent city known as "The Jungle." Jeannine L. Zapata (or "Brook"), 45, and James Q. Tran, 33, died, while two other women and one man were wounded. Police have arrested three boys, aged 13, 16, and 17, as suspects in the shooting; it is unclear if they are homeless as well.

      January 25

      Perris, California: 1 dead, 4 injured
      Police responded to a shooting at a restaurant in what locals called a quiet part of town at 1:00 AM to find five men with gunshot wounds. One victim died at the scene, while four more were taken to the hospital; no motive or suspects have been reported to date, although police are circulating a photo of a person of interest.

      January 23

      Los Angeles, California: 2 dead, 2 injured
      In what witnesses described as a drive-by shooting, a 19-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman at a liquor store in south LA were killed (one died on-site and one later in the hospital) and two other men were wounded.

      January 17

      Ware Neck, Virginia: 1 dead, 3 injured
      After responding to three calls in Ware Neck, Virginia, reporting a shooting on the side of the road and the flight of gunshot victims through town, police found one dead man, Joshua Steven Morrison, 18, in the car and two 20-year-old men and a 15-year-old woman wounded nearby. Authorities took Dijon Whitter, 18, into custody for the shooting.

      January 11

      Wilmington, Delaware: 1 dead, 4 injured
      Five people were wounded by gunshots in a Wilmington, Delaware home. Ira Brown, 20, succumbed to several gunshot wounds to the leg while at the hospital. Meanwhile, a 51-year-old woman shot in her abdomen, a 49-year-old man shot in his left hand and abdomen, a 28-year-old man shot in his leg, and a 21-year-old shot in his abdomen, leg, and shoulder were (as of the latest reporting) still recovering from their wounds.

      January 8

      Chicago, Illinois: 1 dead, 4 injured
      A group of young men standing on a sidewalk in Chicago, Illinois, came under fire around 8:45 PM. Twenty-nine-year-old Raymon Blount, who took bullets in the shoulder and chest, died in the hospital; two 28-year-old men suffered thigh shots, a 26-year-old man was grazed, and a 21-year-old man was shot in the ankle.

      January 7

      Memphis, Tennessee: 1 dead, 3 injured
      When three teenagers stopped to help a 35-year-old woman with an infant in her car on the side of a road in Memphis, Tennessee, two assailants opened fire on them. One of the teens, 17-year-old Antoine Bell, was killed, while two more—an 18-year-old woman and a 15-year-old man—as well as the woman they'd stopped to help, were injured in the attack.

      January 6

      Lakeland, Florida: 3 dead, 1 injured
      Police responding to a reported shooting at a house in Lakeland, Florida, found Eneida Branch, 31, Angelica Castro, 23, and David Washington, 23, dead of gunshot wounds inside. Felix Campos, 18, was hospitalized with a gunshot to the face. Cops later arrested Jonathan Alcegaire, 26, and Andrew Joseph, 35, in relation to the shooting.

      Total so far: 111 dead, 395 injured

      Europe's mass shooting tracker can be found here.

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