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      Maybe This Could Be Your Life

      By Kelly McClure


      December 17, 2012

      Maybe this could be your life. Dressed in something nice. Dancing in a line. As you wait in the line, to dance, you think of what manner of dance you're going to do. When it gets to be your turn, you clap your hands, spring into motion, and do the dance. Then you get back into the line and think about how your dance was, or was not, the best dance of the afternoon/evening. 

      Maybe this could be your life. Practicing for your school's Christmas pageant. You are filled with confidence because you've always had a knack for the arts, and for dancing. Your hair looks great. You farted at one point, but no one noticed. Or if they did, they didn't say anything. You're wearing the sweatpants your Mom bought for you at the dollar store. You washed them in the sink the night before and laid them out to dry on your dresser. 

      Maybe this could be your life. Maybe this could be your culturally diverse gay family. 

      Maybe this could be your life. Maybe you own hair clippers to keep yourself tight and nice. Maybe your girlfriend buys you a new bottle of cologne every time she goes to the gas station. Maybe you collect hats. Hats from all over the world. 

      Maybe this could be your life. Maybe you like to enjoy a nice cigar on Christmas morning. Maybe that cigar came from someone's butt. Maybe it just came from the store. Maybe it's all you got for Christmas. Maybe it's all you wanted. 



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