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      More Live Stream Coverage of the São Paulo Protests

      By Tim Pool

      June 25, 2013

      For the past few weeks the bus-fare protests in Brazil have been raging. Last week, the government announced they would reduce fare to its original rate in an attempt to quell the outrage. Members of the Free Pass movement held a meeting this past Sunday to announce another mass protest to be held today to fight for a new set of demands, such as:

      - Demilitarization of the police.
      - More money for public health and education, and less for the World Cup.
      - No tariffs on public transportation.
      - Reduction of the work week to 40 hours without loss of pay.

      VICE's Tim Pool flew down to São Paulo a few days ago to report on the protests and produce this live stream.

      For the full story behind the bus-fare protests, watch our documentary, Teenage Riot - São Paulo.

      Previously, Tim was in Istanbul covering that city's massive uprising for us.


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