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      What Sort of Person Hates Barack Obama?

      November 7, 2012

      Congrats to Obama! But before you start planning your Obamarama dinner party, take a moment to consider the forgotten and distressed. Although in your bubble of liberalism you might think that everyone would be thrilled about America’s gradual progression towards a political system which might actually do something right someday, in fact large swathes of America are furious about it.

      It doesn’t seem right, after such a win for democracy and liberalism, to mock those less fortunate than ourselves, so I’ve compiled a selection of tweets that can help us to empathize with Republicans everywhere, as well as to answer the question: What sort of person hates Barack Obama?

      Maria likes:
      - #Bieber2012
      - Time off school
      - Louis Vuitton trainers
      - The snack Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
      - Special effects make-up
      - The Bible
      - Louis from pop band One Direction


      Trisha Paytas likes:
      - YouTube
      - Her breasts
      - Being a mix of "Woody Allen and your local hooker"
      - Catholicism
      - Candles
      - Tall Men
      - Christina Aguilera's hair
      - The idea of being entirely supported by an oil tycoon


      Ted Nugent likes:
      - God
      - Hunting
      - Taking pictures of dead things
      - Venison jerky
      - Pictures of women holding guns
      - Slaughtering pigs from helicopters with machine guns

      Linda likes:
      - Retweeting other angry Republicans
      - The military
      - God
      - Conspiracy theories
      - God-fearing Christian Americans
      - #FAITH

      stars and bars babe likes:
      - The word nigger
      - Sweet tea
      - The word ass
      - The movie Despicable Me
      Hunting camp
      - Real men
      - Unregistered firearms
      - Gay rights


      Ryan Payne likes:
      - Fooling around
      - The pop icon Taylor Swift
      - New Balance velcros
      - Boobies
      - The word poop
      - The musician Kendrick Lamar
      - Soccer


      tasha?james likes:
      - Jesus
      - Halloween
      - A guy who would randomly buy her flowers
      - The musician Dierks Bentley
      - The cereal Honey Smacks
      - Not having to set her alarm


      Tracey Neumann likes:
      - Cups of tea
      - Cuddling
      - The film Magic Mike
      - Complaining that she feels "hollow"
      - The TV programme Dexter
      - Comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler

      Gingerballz9 likes:
      - The REM song "Man On The Moon"
      - The TV show South Park
      - The band Muse
      - The band Coheed and Cambria
      - The band Foo Fighters
      - Anti-feminist jokes
      - Getting stoned
      - Comparing Barack Obama badly in relative terms to the Pearl Harbor attacks


      Leah likes:
      - God
      - Coffee
      - Praying
      - Aggressive politicians
      - The fried chicken restaurant Chick-fil-a
      - Banning birth control
      - Feminism


      Donald J. Trump likes:
      - The idea of marching to the White House and staging a coup of the legitimately elected government
      - The concept of global warming having been invented by the Chinese as part of a conspiracy to get Obama re-elected
      - The idea of a President who won't "bow to the Saudis"
      - Reality TV's #1 Bad Girl "Omarosa"
      - The World's greatest golf course (which he owns)
      - Hanging out with Mitt Romney

      Owh, poor things!

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