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      Occupying Foreclosed Homes with Occupy Wall Street

      December 6, 2011

      Earlier this afternoon, hundreds of occupiers and local residents met on the corner of Pennsylvania and Livonia Avenues in East New York to march for the lack of housing across the country. The event, "Occupy Our Homes," was led by local councilmen and other neighborhood folk. The group distributed informational pamphlets to people on the street and occupied the steps of every foreclosed home in sight, which was a lot—East New York has the highest foreclosure rate in New York City. Human microphones echoed that there are more abandoned buildings in the city than homeless people, and that the time has come to take those houses back.

      No one was arrested at the occupation but, according to the crowd, the empty houses had been placed under citizen's arrest. The whole shebang ended with a block party and the protesters putting a family inside a home that was foreclosed on about three years ago.