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      Oisima Will Melt Your Insides Oisima Will Melt Your Insides

      Oisima Will Melt Your Insides

      By Nate Anderson

      February 24, 2013

      Anth goes by the name Oisima, an alter ego who flosses your insides with love using bass and chiller sounds. Listening to his tunes is like experiencing the ocean smoothly rolling in your brain until your body shuts down, but in a party, rather than instant death way.

      You can experience your own dose of Oisima’s mind liquidizing bliss this Thursday at our first Sydney VICE party of the year alongside Astral People DJs and Nick Bennet. 

      VICE: What’s happening music-wise in Adelaide at the moment?
      There’s a really vibrant scene and an especially strong jazz culture here. Adelaide is a bit slower paced than Sydney or Melbourne so you can really put your head down and get to work without being pigeonholed into a specific genre.

      Your music has a Jill Scott and Teebs meets Doom vibe, without the cartoony shit. How do you describe your sound?
      Well, that’s one of the better descriptions.

      What’s going through your mind as you’re creating these wavy sounds?
      I don’t really know, I guess it mostly comes from whatever I’m listening to at the moment. Most mornings I just wake up and try and find some new music or go record shopping. And whatever seems to come out comes out.

      What does your production consist of? Do you capture your own sounds as well?
      Yeah there’s no real set theory. Even if I’m sampling records or whatever I make the majority of the sounds by playing my guitars or tapping weird creative percussion, singing and making organic instruments sound like a big textual wall of lushness.

      Nice one. Does the audience’s energy affect what you choose to perform live, or do you go in thinking fuck it I’m playing how I feel?
      Yeah it’s hard man. The majority of my live aesthetics come from seeing Ras G play a bunch of times. It makes you uncomfortable at times because it’s just a big ass wall of amazing sounds.

      What’s better at shows, making love in people’s ears or in bathroom stalls?
      I’ll go with ears. I love challenging people and making them hear things they’re kind of familiar with but at the same time giving them something they wouldn’t have heard.

      What’s the weirdest shit you’ve sampled?
      Most of it turns out weird (laughs). The majority of the times I’ll just go to my local thrift stores and I won’t even have a listen to what’s on the record, I’m a big visual kind of person. Just digging through 50 cent bins for really striking colors, mostly anything that has Oriental tinge to it.

      What’s the sexiest language to sample?
      Probably Indian ragas, even before I was doing this beats thing I was obsessed with 12 minute long journeys of amazing intense Indian ragas and stuff. It automatically sets a tone. Bolkan and stripped back soul is sexy too. There’re lots of sneaky ways like adding in percussion to make the song roll along. It’s all about finding the momentum and groove.

      Would you consider stepping outside the groove and sampling something up and crazy like Gucci Mane?
      I don’t reckon I could pull that stuff off man (laughs). Even when I try and emulate that real heavy hip-hop it would just turn out worldly. I made a song the other day that was even remotely R&B and it kind of felt alright. I always seem to default back to the worldly shit. It sounds cliché but whatever comes from inside is all you can really make you know? Or else it will just sound fabricated anyway.

      Is our chat going to be sampled?
      Would you like that? I could swindle some snippets in.

      Only if you think it’s sexy enough.

      See this guy and some other guys at the VICE Presents: The Fashion Issue Launch, Thursday 28 February at Goodgod Small Club, Sydney. Doors at 8pm, entry is free, so long as you RSVP here.

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