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      Old Money's 'Fire in the Dark'

      By VICE Staff

      May 28, 2013
      From the column 'VICE Premiere'

      If you toned down Kanye West's ego and turned up his sonic experimentation and then coupled that with some of Yasiin Bey's lyrical content, you’d arrive at something that sounds a lot like Old Money. Old Money are a New York hip-hop duo of Afro-Caribbean descent who make “enlightened” music that jumps from genres like dancehall and UK funky to kuduro.

      Having grown up in shitty neighborhoods in the Bronx and Brooklyn and attended prestigious institutions in the Northeast, the Lower East Side mainstays' foray into producing music offers up something rare: a privileged and sincere perspective on pressing social and political issues. Their music bursts with self-taught YouTube esotericism and a litany of pop culture references that can make their songs sound like soundtracked works cited pages. Fire in the Dark is a perfect introduction to the group who has created a deafening sound out of the paradoxical upbringing that helped defined them. Enjoy!

      Follow Old Money on Twitter and check out their release party in NYC on Saturday.

      You can buy Fire in the Dark on Old Money's Bandcamp.

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