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      On the Ground in Cairo at the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters

      July 2, 2013

      Since Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi took office, the Egyptian economy has erupted, with the Egyptian pound valued at the lowest it’s ever been in history. Unemployment and incidents of sexual assault are on the rise. On his one-year anniversary, June 30, the Egyptian people took to the streets, waving Egyptian flags, and chanting, “Erhal!”—“Leave!”

      Justin Wilkes is on the ground in Egypt, and we asked him to send us a few photos of the protests. He came back with a crazy story of getting shot at:

      “Not sure where to start or how to describe what happened yesterday. Basically, the idea was to go to the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam and get some happy snaps of the aftermath of all the June 30 burning sessions. As we got out of the car, we started seeing people running around and then seconds later started hearing gunshots, and they were coming our direction. We hid behind cars in the streets, watching for a bit before making a run for it around a brick wall, where it seemed the bullets had followed us. It was the first time in my life that I heard the sickly sound of the whiz the bullet makes as it shreds the air just feet from our heads. 

      “We stopped for lunch. Sitting in a café, we saw two unmarked armored vehicles wrapping around the corner and headed to the Muslim Brotherhood HQ. We followed them, but then people started screaming, “They’re gone! They’ve left!” I can only assume that these vehicles picked up Muslim Brotherhood members and took them to safety. 

      “I was not expecting this.”


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