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      PAX Gaming Expo 2009 PAX Gaming Expo 2009

      PAX Gaming Expo 2009

      October 11, 2009

      The PAX video-game festival is, nerd for nerd, the nerdiest annual assemblage of nerds in North America’s most historically nerdy non-Canadian region, the US Pacific-Northwest. Started by the nerd creators of gamer-nerd webcomic Penny Arcade in 2004 (the same year Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow came out), the Penny Arcade eXpo has grown to eclipse such nerd mainstays as the San Diego Comic Con, Atlanta’s DragonCon, and the inscrutably scheduled Star Wars Celebration, if not in actual number of nerds in attendance at least in terms of sheer, unbullied nerdistry (also, as of 2009, in terms of swine-flu cases). For this year’s eXpo, we sent a sexy nerd ( who’s studying neuroscience to practice a little nerdoscience on the grease-enveloped, dandruffied brains of this nation’s nerds in their yearly nerd sanctuary.) NERD.


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