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      Photographs from Inside a Tension-Filled Christian Community in Syria

      March 1, 2016

      Qamishli is a town in the northeast of Syria that, like much of the country, has been upended by the war. In December, a terrorist attack by ISIS on the town's Christian neighborhood killed more than a dozen people. In response, the Sootoro militia, a group affiliated with the Assad regime, strengthened its presence in the district and set up roadblocks in order to protect the Christian community. But Kurdish troops see themselves as being in charge of the district, and last month, sectarian violence broke out in the form of a gunfight, killing a reported three Kurds and one Christian.

      Today, Qamishli, once one of the last vestiges of normality in Syria, is dominated by fear. Recently, Sebastian Backhaus toured Qamishli's Christian quarter, and this is what he saw.

      All photographs by photojournalist Sebastian Backhaus.

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