Oh, the Memories - Photos from Our Trip to North Korea

By VICE Staff

If you were alive back in March, chances are you heard about our little adventure to North Korea with Dennis Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters. The news spread around the world like an exceptionally newsworthy wildfire, and in the months that have passed people have been itching to see our footage and find out exactly what happened on the first-ever basketball diplomacy mission. Well, all will be revealed on June 14 when the season finale of VICE airs on HBO at 11:00 PM. Until then, here is one last nugget from the trip to hold you over. These photos were taken by VICE producer Jason Mojica during the crew's time in North Korea, and cover everything from the exhibition game with the North Korean national team to VICE correspondent Ryan Duffy's cooldown at the Kim Il Sung University pool. Captions by Iris Xu.