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      Ping Pong Shows are for Frat Packs not Thee Oh Sees Ping Pong Shows are for Frat Packs not Thee Oh Sees

      Ping Pong Shows are for Frat Packs not Thee Oh Sees

      By Nate Anderson

      December 9, 2012

      Brigid from Thee Oh Sees is possibly the sweetest garage rock girl on the planet. When not touring or planning benefit shows for the homeless, you can catch her walking alongside San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood’s nudists. She took a rare break from being all-around awesome to share some strip club anecdotes ahead of Thee Oh Sees Australian tour.

      VICE: So you’re coming to Australia. That’s rad. What’s something you don’t want to do here?
      Brigid Dawson: 
      Yeah I’m excited! I hope we don’t play any shitty gigs, and that’s about it. Australia is usually a place I’m really excited to go to. I haven’t had too many bad experiences there.

      So your last video featured a strip club, will you be going to any in Australia?
      Nooo! The boys don’t like strip clubs. I’ve been a couple of times in my life; I went to one in Hamburg. I really never ever need to go to another strip club so I’m all good. It’s the same shit no matter where you are.

      Give me your best strip club experience.
      The one in Hamburg was pretty great, it was after Reeperbahn Festival and you got to choose whether you wanted a male or female stripper which I thought was nice and egalitarian, it didn’t feel so disgusting as when it’s all women.

      If given the opportunity, would you attend a ping pong show in Tijuana?
      That sounds like something a pack of frat boys would do. Have you been to Tijuana? Tijuana is kind of awesome!

      Yeah they have $1 Coronas It’s great! Are go-go dancers pussies?
      No! Have you seen any of those old 60s films with the go-go dancers on them? Those ladies were awesome! We just watched a movie called The Big T.N.T. Show with Ike and Tina Turner where the Ikettes do the nastiest dance I’ve ever seen. It’s so amazing.

      Coming from San Francisco, what are your thoughts on the city banning public nudity?
      Well as I went shopping yesterday I walked down to the Castro and I saw two guys, one was a young guy, and it’s happening more and more, just trucking around with his sneakers on. But I love the city for the fact people can do that. I may find it totally bizarre, but I think its rad if you have the courage to do that it if that’s what you really want to do.

      Would Thee Oh Sees be open to playing a nude set in protest of the banning?
      No! I wouldn’t do it; I don’t know what the boys would do. Maybe John would, but I doubt it. Nobody needs to see that shit!

      Thee Oh Sees tour Australia and New Zealand from late January 2013.

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