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      Pizza Party at the Good Company

      June 15, 2013

      For this week's Mahal, I headed over to the Good Company in the Lower East Side of Manhattan for a pizza party in celebration of Henry Gunderson's artwork. The Good Company opened six months ago. It was an idea birthed during an acid trip and its main goal is to keep up some good, if not traditional, artist collaborations.

      Below is Henry's statement about the relationship between pizza, skateboarding, and his art: 

      "I was living life on a strict pizza diet and riding a skateboard. It only made sense to combine the two. Who doesn't like pizza and skateboarding? The original Slicer I hand cut out of an old deck with a jigsaw and spray painted pepperonis and cheese on it. The pizza board is an idea I've had for a while, and I finally made it happen with The Good Company. I drew out the pepperoni graphic in colored pencil and we came up with a shape for the deck. The drawing was then translated into a four-color screen print and printed. The decks are a hand-signed edition of 100. All we are really saying is, give pizza a chance." 

      Stay tuned for more art at and pizza related events at the Good Company, including a Rip N' Dip take over and a Jayme Lemperle art show in July. 

      Photos by Taji Ameen.


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