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Question of the Day - Chicks Before Dicks?

By VICE Staff

Welcome to Question of the Day. Ditching the peen-scene!

Following yesterday’s dick fest, today is all about the lay-dees, the chicas, the homegirls, whatever! Some ladies here at VICE hate the whole premise behind "Bros Before Hos?" because a) they object to being called "hos" and b) it was a loaded question. It probably should have been phrased "Sexy Girls Before Smelly Dudes?"

 Do those with two X chromosomes really have more loyalty to members of their own sex than their Y-chromosomed counterparts? Would you choose your girls over a little rump of man meat? Or would you get stitches for your bitches? What's it going to be: chicks or dicks? 

VICE: Chicks before dick?
Lois, 25, musician:
 Uhh, it depends on the dick, to be honest.

Would you bail on your girlfriends for a bonefest?
I have done, in the past.

Me too. Is it the female equivalent of being pussy-whipped? What do you call that?
Cock-sprung. Yeah, cock-sprung.

Kirsten, 46, teacher: Oh, I am married. But I do ditch my husband so I can go out with my friends.

Oh, I have to see him all the time. After all these years, he’s a little boring.

Would you ditch him to go out clubbing with me?
Yes. You look like fun.

Julie, 65: I would choose a man now because I’m single and perhaps if I’d spent less time with friends I wouldn’t be.

You sound bitter. Do you have fun with your girlfriends?
Oh yes, tremendous fun. But there’re certain things a man can do that a woman can’t.

Really? Like what?
Hahaha. I think you realize what I mean.

I do. I call it "sexy time."
I just call it sex.

Kiki, 18:
Oh, fucking chicks. Always chicks.

Oh, are you gay?
No, I don’t mean it that way, but I hate it when friends get a new man and then it’s like you don’t exist.

Yeah. Could a celebrity tempt you? Like, err, Justin Timberlake? Would you bail for him?
He’s still hot. Probably, only because he’s a celebrity, though.

You’re shallow.
I am shallow.

Jen, 22 (left) and Adameeka, 21.

VICE: Chicks before dicks?
That’s disgusting.

Helen, 21, law grad (right) and Helen's boyfriend (left).

VICE: Chicks before Dicks?

Don’t worry about your boyfriend. Honesty is the key to a lasting relationship.
I want both. My chicks and my dicks. [Laughs]

Is he a good boyfriend?
Yeah. He’s like a friend as well.

What if, say, Beyonce wanted to braid your hair, would you ditch him?
Yeah. In a heartbeat.

If Beyonce said let's be BFFs but you two had to break up?
[Looks at boyfriend] Yes. I’d take Beyonce.
Boyfriend: Me too!

Me too.

Left to right: Grandma, 68, Karen, 49 and Emily, school student.

VICE: Chicks before dicks?
Karen: Do you know what that means, Mom?
Grandma: Yes. Of course I do.
Karen: Well, we’re on a girls day out, so chicks.

What advice would you give to Emily about men?
Never let a man tell you what to do. Play hard to get.
Karen: I don’t want her to get a boyfriend. Not until she’s 40.

Emily, do you prefer hanging out with your girlfriends or boys?
Careful what you say.
Emily: I’ve never had a boyfriend—yet. Boys just annoy me.

They annoy me, too. They’re good for nothing.
Grandma: I agree. Even your granddad is.

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