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      How Much Plan B Is Too Much?

      By VICE Staff

      July 19, 2012
      From the column 'Question of the Day'

      Ladies, if you ever woke up in a strange place feeling sticky, a little hungover, and unsure of the location of your panties, you probably botched your plan A—which was "maybe first base, but he's definitely not any getting booty on the first night." Maybe you and the bartender with the handlebar mustache and the Joy Division tattoo just wanted to get down raw dog because it feels better. Or maybe your lover's passion for you was so intense it burst right through the jimmy wrap. Or maybe you just don't remember what the fuck happened at all because you just got paid and it was half price night at the club. Whatever. It's no big deal because we live in a highly sophisticated society that has invested billions in creating multiple ways for humans to enjoy boning without having to worry about the consequences. So hit up the clinic and get that Plan B, girl! Everybody has been there. But it's understandable if questions start to creep in your mind like Why am I on a first name basis with the clinic nurse? or Why is every dude I hook up with always unprepared? and, finally, How much Plan B is too much? We approached some people on the street and asked them just that.

      Emily, works in finance: I'd say you should only take it once in your lifetime.

      That's it?
      Yea, if you're taking it more maybe you should be a little more careful.

      Like have a plan A?
      Yes, definitely have a plan A.

      Ariella, student: There's no limit to the amount of times you can take it.

      No limit?
      Any number is a good number.

      Katie, student: More than three?

      Why three?
      I don't know.

      Is that your favorite number?

      So three times a year?
      No, like three times ever. It's really bad for you.

      Oh, really?
      It messes with your hormones and your whole system and your cycle and everything.


      Richard, airline worker: No more than 12.

      Why 12?
      I don't know, I was thinking like once a month isn't so bad. You probably shouldn't be taking it more than once a week, I think.

      Yea, that sounds safe.

      Camille, teacher: Never take it. I'm abstaining.

      Fun! Why?
      I'm waiting for the right guy, which means I'm waiting for a godly man. It is hard to find one in New York. But I'm not supposed to find him anyway, he's supposed to find me.

      Good luck with that!

      Trisha (left) and Ariel (right), diabetes educators

      Trisha: Fuck, as much as you need.
      Ariel: I don't have a limit. I'm not trying to have a baby, so you have to take the necessary precautions.

      Yeah, I hear it's great for not trying to having a baby.
      Trisha: You can take it in unlimited amounts. It should be free and there should be no age on it.

      Megan, artist: You should only take it like once.

      What about if you need it a second time?
      That's pretty bad, but if it comes to that it's better than having an unwanted child. If you don't have the resources to raise a kid, that could be your only option.

      True that.

      Cara, engineer: You should take it all the times that it's necessary.

      Some people say that's bad for you.
      I don't know how it works in America, but in Italy it's almost impossible to get it. You can't find it anywhere. In the hospitals is the Catholic Church and they don't want to give it out.


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