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      Some Photographs from the All About Pets Show

      May 18, 2013

      After 20 years, the All About Pets Show remains Canada's largest pet convention. Every year, this celebration of domestic animal life goes down in Mississauga's International Centre, next to the Toronto's Pearson Airport and a mess of tangled highways. Pet owners and enthusiasts alike cram into the event space for an up-close look at prize winning cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and whatever other animal species people keep in their house to fill a void.

      Surrounded by howling kids and animals, I made my way across the show floor and discovered the Royal Canin Championship & Household Cat Show nestled towards the back of the room. Each section of the convention could be described as a miniature neighborhood, and in this case, it appeared as though the dog-people and cat-people were kept separate by a divide of birds and fish (naturally). Over in cat world, a loudspeaker called out pet names while nervous pet owners prepared their felines for a few moments on the podium. On planet canine, swarms of spectators who were anxious for animal affection hung around with breeders, who discussed the peculiar particulars of their profession. It was weird, and I loved it.

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