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      Spring Break on the Lower East Side in an Old School? Surf's up!

      March 7, 2013

      Spring break is right around the corner, kids. If you're in college or high school, congratulations, you get a whole week off to drink, smoke, do sex things, and basically whatever else you want. For those of us not still entrenched in academia, we ain't got shit. We slog through that work week with no dreams of sandy toes, drinks with umbrellas in them, or crazy parties. But if you're like me and you like art, I may have a solution, albeit a temporary one. The Spring / Break Art Show—a new group show taking place in the Old School (spring break and school don't usually jive, but this is the exception) on Mott Street on the Lower East Side of NYC—just opened and visiting just might make you feel a little better about your lack of fun free time. Since I'm cool and have a VICE email account, I got to go to the preview event on Tuesday to check out all the art and take some pictures. There was painting, printmaking, and installations from artists and curators like Myla Grace DalBesio, Adam Mignanelli, Kyle DeWoody, Peter Dudek, and Jeremy Blake. Check out the pics, and if you live in the general vacinity, go to the show and have a good time. Don't forget your beer bong and swim trunks.

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