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      Taji's Mahal - Costa Rica with Hitch

      January 19, 2013

      When my aunt picked me and Jade up at the San Jose Airport, she introduced us to her good friend, Hitch. Little did we know that he would be one of the best travel companions ever.

      Our bonding experience with Hitch officially began after we got lost in the nosebleed mountains for two hours. He warmed up to us by telling jokes, singing songs, and doing magic tricks. Five hours later, we reached a grocery store where Hitch bought his favorite American foods with Central American currency. From that point on we knew we had a lot coming from my aunt's dear friend. It has been a hell of a week so far in Costa Rica. Hitch has lugged us from beach to beach, we’ve seen a jaguar, and we even gotten a taste of the Costa Rican nightlife. He is truly the greatest travel companion we could have asked for. Thank you Hitch!

      Photos and words Taji Ameen and Jade Katz.



      Topics: costa rica, jaguars, beaches, moutains