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      Taji’s Mahal - The Life of an Outdoor Artist

      December 15, 2012

      For this week's Mahal, we met back up with outdoor artist Anthony Dominguez to see how he lives and practices his art. We started at the 42nd Street Library, where Anthony spends most of his days creating his work, unwelcomed, but tolerated. We then ventured up to the 79th Street Metro-North Tunnel that Anthony used to inhabit. The dark and serene atmosphere serves as a buffer zone between Anthony and society. A place where he can be left alone with his thoughts while attempting to avoid the constant threats against his freedom he faces daily as a homeless visual artist.

      Wednesday night, Clayton Patterson hosted Anthony's show, Exit The Fall, at his Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum. The place was packed with all of our favorite Lower East Siders. Anthony was given the credit he deserves and his work was honored. Those who did not make it out to the opening can set up an appointment to see the show here. Anthony's work is also always available for viewing and purchase through The American Primitive Gallery.

      Anthony at the library.

       Anthony playing his flute for producer, Jeremiah Newton and friends.

      Our friend Jose "Cochise" Quiles.

      Dan Levin, the director of Captured.

      Friday Jones and Dr. Dave.

      Tito Lespier on the congas.

      Local shredder, Shawn Powers, cruised by.

      Anthony's archivist and ex-lover, wearing his bleached jacket from a decade ago.

      Clayton and Bert, representing the LES.

      Exit The Fall at Clayton's Gallery and Outlaw Art Museum.

      Photos by Jade Katz and Clayton Patterson

      Words and Video by Taji Ameen.




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