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      Taji's Mahal - Dr. Dave

      December 1, 2012

      This week, Clayton Patterson brought us to the coolest doctor in town, Dr. David Ores. Dr. Dave isn't your normal MD. He wears a leather jacket and removes gang tattoos for free. He believes that medical practices should not be money making machines, but should provide help to as many people as possible.

      After Hurricane Sandy, Dr. Dave ventured out to Far Rockaway to help those in need of medical attention. However, on his fourth day as the doctor on call, a flustered woman named Dr. Angela gave him and Clayton all sorts of trouble. She did not believe he was Dr. Dave but thought he was an imposter of some sort. But nothing, not even some other misguided doctor, is going to stop Dr. Dave from helping the people around him. Here is a look at a trip out to the Rockaways we took and a glimpse inside Dr. Dave's Lower East Side office.

      Photos by Jade Katz and Isabella Parisot

      Video by Taji Ameen and Clayton Patterson.


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