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      Taji's Mahal - Spencer Fujimoto, El Senor

      November 17, 2012

      This week, Lower East Side legend, Clayton Patterson, put us on to Spencer Fujimoto's new skateboard jewelry brand, El Señor. Spencer has been shredding since his Love Child days. And now, he’s making jewelry based on his skating history. He kicked off his line with the Seven Wonders, a series of necklaces that depict the iconic spots Spencer grew up skating: the Brooklyn Banks, Embarcadero, "The Seven," Love Park, the Christ Air, and a few more.

      We checked out the full line at the Hub, met up with the homies at SHUT Skate Shop, shredded the LES Skate Park, and ended our day at Slappy Sundays. Keep an eye out for El Señor at your local skate shops and boutiques.

      Photos by Jade Katz.

      Video and words by Taji Ameen.





      Topics: Skate, jewelry