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      Taliban Winter

      By Liselotte Habets

      December 1, 2011

      Photos: Liselotte Habets

      Styling: Fleur Feringa

      Art direction: Ines Cuesta & Liselotte Habets

      Illustration: Ines Cuesta

      Makeup: Iram Mehmood

      We spotted this shoot on Dutch VICE and couldn't resist reposting it. It is loosely based on Taliban, a book by Thomas Dworzak that features photos of dead Taliban soldiers with colorful Warhol-esque makeovers. Our Amsterdam office was so inspired they made their own Talihunks.

      Manon Kündig sweater and shirt, Marius Janusauskas turban, GUESS watch; Lacoste polo shirt, Manon Kündig jacket, Marius Janusauskas turban

      Vintage jacket, Episode shirt, Marius Janusauskas turban, Oogst Sieraden earring

      Vintage vest, Armani jeans t-shirt, Levi's trousers, Blackstone shoes, Scapa head scarf, vintage necklace; Armani shirt, State of Art trousers, Fratelli Rossetti shoes, Scapa hat, Marius Janusauskas turban, Mauricio 2000 chain, vintage Marc Jacobs sunglasses

      Levi's shirt, XX PROJECT e XX trousers, Manon Kündig shoes, Mauricio 2000 chain, Longines watch; Levi's shirt, Manon Kündig trousers, Marius Janusauskas turban, Timberland boots, Oogst Sieraden necklace, CASIO watch

      Scapa waistcoat, Lacoste shirt, Levi's jeans, Marius Janusauskas turban, Longines watch; Dimitry Frenko Krul jacket, FRANCISCO VANBENTHUM shirt, Sisley trousers, vintage hat, CASIO watch; British Indigo jacket, Episode shirt, Sisley trousers, Marius Janusauskas turban, Oogst Sieraden chain

      Manon Kündig jacket, HEMA tank top, Armani Jeans trousers, Marius Janusauskas turban, Oogst broche, Swarovski and Oogst Sieraden rings


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