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      The Best of Shane Smith on VICE

      By VICE Staff

      July 23, 2013

      Earlier this year we broadcast ten episodes of our show VICE on HBO. Those were heady days, when Shane Smith and our intrepid correspondents appeared on television sets across the country, carrying VICE's immersive reporting into millions of homes.

      And guess what? The members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences thought Shane's efforts, along with those of everyone else working on the show, merited an Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series category. While we are elated by the news and buoyed by that sense of unbridled optimism that comes with the plaudits of your peers, those of us who’ve been watching Shane and the rest of the VICE crew churn out kick-ass doc after kick-ass doc aren’t particularly surprised. Getting out there and covering things that boggle the mind has been our m.o. for years.  

      Shane Smith, VICE’s co-founder and executive producer of VICE on HBO, has been at the helm of some the most harrowing and bizarre adventures we’ve ever taken. So in celebration of our Emmy nod, and in anticipation of more great stuff to come (our show was picked up for a second season) we thought we’d assemble three of Shane’s signature pieces that we’ve aired here on VICE.com and on our massive YouTube channel. Enjoy.

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