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      The First And Maybe Last Annual Vice Halloween Costume Contest

      November 30, 2005

      Picking out what to wear for All Hallow’s Eventide, a.k.a. Satan’s B-Day, can be next to impossible. What you need to get your motor running is some inspiration. We asked Josh the yeti-maker from the previous page and his friend Blake to come up with an unstoppable Halloween ensemble. Something that will always loom over all our heads like a golden ring as we try to come up with something that has one-tenth of its awesomeness.

      Here it is, kiddies: the de facto winner—Blake and Josh dressed up as the conjoined Schappell sisters dressed up as Cheech and Chong for Halloween!

      Vice: Why Lori and Reba?

      Blake: Never before have I seen such an arresting image as the ones I saw of Lori and Reba Schappell. The vision of them has been stapled to my brain for years.

      How long did it take to make?

      We were given a one-week deadline. The actual building only took a couple of days, and the rest of the time was spent at thrift shops looking for raw materials and worrying how we were going to pull it off.

      It must be hard to move around in this.

      The more cumbersome your costume is, the better. People will respect you if it restricts your ability to have fun. I once saw a lady dress as a baked potato. She couldn’t fit through the door at the bar so she had to go home. AMAZING!


      We knocked the bottom out of this chair and extended the legs with hockey sticks.

        Then we used stockings and foam scraps for the false gimpy legs.   We dressed them in little-kid jeans and some old black Chucks.   Josh used a mannequin head to mold the latex of the mask.   A couple of fittings and we had it right.

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