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      The Good, Bad, and Ugly from NYC’s Fashion Night Out

      September 7, 2012

      Fun fact: No one knows why Fashion's Night Out exists. Don’t fashion people go out seven days a week anyway? Why do they need to set aside a day to go out and drink and listen to techno? Whatever the reason for it, FNO in New York is at best an opportunity to get wasted with your friends on the dime of big clothing conglomerates. At it's worst, FNO turns into a cluster fuck of long lines, shitty phone service, tight spaces full of meathead assholes wearing cheap clothes and snorting cheap coke. But this is the one night a year where you’re guaranteed to run into kids who look like the bastard lovechild of Basquiat and Grace Jones, so we went.

      Here are some pictures from our friends on staff, who were willing to wait hours in queues and didn't mind the aftertaste of the corporate booze.