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      Cees Hendriks Cees Hendriks

      Cees Hendriks

      April 12, 2012

      After making millions by smuggling weed from his Moroccan plantation to the rest of the world, and then being captured and convicted for the seventh time, pot baron Cees Hendriks decided to change his life and focus on refining cannabis seeds. Now he's revolutionizing weed growth: he claims to have invented 100% female seed, after trying to create it for about 14 years. This invention is the base for the so-called "feminized seeds," which are not completely female, but very popular amongst growers.

      We accompany Cees when he visits a small local plantation to advise a grower, and we follow him to the annual Cannabis Cup Convention where he meets some old friends. All the while he treats us to some grimy anecdotes from his turbulent past.


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