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      The Lovely Ladies of CPAC

      By Wilbert L. Cooper

      Senior Editor

      March 15, 2013

      There is a lot of stuff to do at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) beyond listening to right-wing politicos bloviate about taxes and the gays. You can eat free cocktail shrimp until you get iodine poisoning, drink one or eight whiskey and ginger ales, or test out your “wide stance” in the convention center's fancy lavatories. My favorite thing to do, however, has been to just sit back and admire all of the nice-looking ladies—they don't call it Fox News for nothing. I think conservative chicks get a bad rap for all being rigid, corny, and unstylish Stepford marms. While Republicans definitely have the CWG (corny white girl) demographic covered, I found most of the ladies at CPAC to have a pretty endearing swagger. What's better than a smart and politically active girl who might have a banana clip and a copy of the Constitution in her Louis bag? Plus, I love the style of these women because they mix the demure elegance of longer skirts and dresses with more form-fitting tailoring that highlights what you get when you grow up eating a red-state diet. So, to give you an idea of the adorable femi-cons I've been mingling with at CPAC, here are pics of some of the most fetching and fashionable beauts (from all races, ages, and body types) of the bunch.


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