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      Fox and Fogs

      August 10, 2012
      From the column 'The Recent Unpleasantness'

      “Fox News got it wrong when they initially reported that the Supreme Court had struck down the individual mandate at the heart of President Obama’s health care law.”

      – The New York Times, 6/28/12

      “We talked about the fog of law. And to our viewers at home, be patient with us as we work through this.”

      - Bill Hemmer, Fox News, 6/28/12


      "Yesterday, we told you that the entire Senate Democratic Caucus was arrested for a whopping 52 counts of serial child sexual abuse. Now it appears as if one of our interns got their names mixed up with Jerry Sandusky. The fog of law has struck again, folks.”

      - Bill Hemmer, Fox News, 8/16/12

      "We'd reported that the GOP convention has been watched by two out of three Americans, moving millions of viewers to tears of joy. We may have confused this event with the 1983 series finale of M*A*S*H. Blame the fog of television."

      - Gretchen Carlson, Fox and Friends, 8/30/12

      "File under 'oops'. Tonight's keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention is San Antonio mayor Julian Castro. It is not, as I've been reporting for the last three days, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. I got some bad intel, folks. Chalk it up to the fog of names."

      - Rick Folbaum, Fox News Channel, 9/5/12

      "Regarding our coverage of yesterday's presidential debate, I seemed to misquote Mr. Obama when I said that he told Mr. Romney, "I'll stab you with my penis." On further reflection, this was actually said to me, by my former high school principal, in this weird dream I had the other night. Hey, fog of reality. We've all been there, right? Moving on."

      - Steve Doocy, Fox and Friends, 10/4/12

      "Yesterday we reported on the severe economic impact of President Obama's executive order replacing Halloween with something called 'People's Sharia Day.' I may have misspoke. The president, as his press secretary very defensively pointed out, will be celebrating Halloween with his children at the White House. The fog of holidays gets every news show, sooner or later."

      - John Stossel, Fox Business Network, 10/31/12

      "OK folks, even I get one wrong sometimes. Yesterday we told you that D.E.A. agents discovered some sort of 'meth super-lab' under the east wing of the White House. Now it appears as if one of our staff might have confused Mr. Obama with the character of Gus Fring, on television's Breaking Bad. Let's not play the blame game, people. This was just the Fog of Fring."

      - Gretchen Carlson, Fox and Friends, 11/2/12

      "Earlier this week, I told you that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had been jailed by the Iranian government after failing to deliver a 'document of surrender' on behalf of the president. Today we discovered that this information came from a blog set up by our producer, Vincent, who has been under a lot of stress lately, due to sleep apnea. Blame it on the fog of blogs. Let's move on."

      - Dana Perino, Fox News political analyst, 11/3/12

      "Earlier today, we led a news segment with a title that read 'Obama Bad.' I've since been informed that this caption needed a verb. Sometimes we get a little lost in the fog of words."

      - Bill Hemmer, Fox News, 11/4/12

      "Our coverage of Mitt Romney's 49-state landslide may have been based on incomplete facts. We are now taking a second look at multiple unconfirmed reports that President Obama actually won the election last Tuesday. We've talked about the fog of electoral politics. We'll keep you posted, people."

      - Rick Folbaum, Fox News Channel, 11/7/12

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