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      Introducing Our New Weediquette Show

      July 21, 2013
      From the column 'Weediquette'


      This past week was one of culmination and victory. After weeks of planning, shooting, and dabbing, the first episode of my new Weediquette video series premiered on VICE to great fanfare—including a tweet from Snoop Dogg, which totally made me snoop my pants.

      More than anything, the making of this episode was a learning experience. I learned so much about the legal weed game and how to produce videos, which take a hell of a lot more time, people, and resources than my humble Sunday column. Thankfully, I made enough mistakes to get familiar with the process, and we’re plotting the next episodes as we speak. (I now know how to track the varying threshold of Andy Capper’s tolerance for the sound of my voice.) For episode two, you might see another familiar brown face from the Weediquette fam.

      Instead of reading a story this week, you can watch this week's episode and watch me go through one. I'm the brown dude with the hair walking out of a smoke cloud. 

      For more stories from my stoned life, tune in every Sunday. 

      S/O to Capper, Bas, Bien, Alec, Barrington, BA, O’Coin, Gill, Jake, Ngohaus, Chamberlinhaus, Rabbit, Gazin, Tony, Dwayne, Eleanor, Dee, JP, and Fizzy.


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